St. Andrews by Palm Harbor Homes [Manufactured Home Tour]

Jan 29, 2022

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Introducing Palm Harbor Homes – The “St. Andrews”


Over the years, Palm Harbor Homes has earned a reputation as one of the best when it comes to mobile homes. Building on their years of experience, Palm Harbor Homes’ St Andrews is the company’s next step at offering quality, assured, and affordable family homes. Combining clever ingenuity and architectural design, this spacious double-wide two-section family home is the perfect combination of form and function.  


Palm Harbor Homes “St. Andrews” Floor Plan and Pricing


palm harbor homes floor plan

The Palm Harbor Homes St Andrews contains: 

  • 1856 square feet  
  • Three Bedrooms  
    • Master bedroom: 17ft 3in X 14ft 3in (246 square feet) 
    • Second bedroom: 12 ft X 10ft 2in (122 square feet) 
    • Third bedroom: 12ft X 10ft 2in (122 square feet) 
  • Two bathrooms  
  • Utility Room 
  • Garage  
  • Starting price approximately: $190,000  

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The Outside of Palm Harbor Homes “St. Andrews”


The outside of the St Andrews is one of the most exquisite manufactured homes I’ve ever seen! The beautiful tan color along with the various textured siding give this home a tremendous amount of curb appeal. The front of the home has 2 sets of windows and gables rising above them. In the middle lies the entryway, recessed ever so slightly, and a built-in garage off to the side.


palm harbor homes exterior


Stepping around to the back of the home, you will find a multitude of windows peering out of almost every room in the house. The exterior of this home is so incredibly unique and charming, however, it doesn’t even compare to the inside of the home.


The Inside Of Palm Harbor Homes “St. Andrews”


Upon stepping into Palm Harbor Homes’ St Andrews, the first thing you will notice is its magnificent open-plan design. This large living area extends into the kitchen and beyond, yet thanks to some ingenious design features, each part of the room feels distinct and separate.  


palm harbor homes st andrews



This living space area is bathed in the radiant glow of natural light thanks to the room’s wall-to-ceiling windows located on either side of the room. When the sun sets or the winter months creep in, the chandelier light hangs above one of the home’s many dining tables to light the room. The six-seater dining table is the ideal spot for a family dinner.  

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From there, the living space leads into the home’s back porch. With enough space for a cozy wooden swing chair or a comfy deckchair, this is the ideal spot to work on your tan or simply chill and watch the world pass you by.  


The Kitchen


A perfect melding of functionality and design, the breakfast bar serves as a great place to read the morning paper with a cup of coffee and as a natural border between the kitchen and living space. 


palm harbor homes kitchen



Step through the wonderfully crafted archway into the kitchen. Feel the added luxury of a tiled floor between your toes. Its stunning marble pattern design is a recurring motif throughout the home. 

There is a small breakfast table complete with a wrap-around bench and chairs, another one of St Andrews’ many dining areas. This glass table would be a nice little spot for a quick lunch or midday snack with its slightly more informal tone.  

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The kitchen comes with plenty of storage space and several marble-pattern countertops with enough space to chop veggies and prepare a big family dinner. Its amenities include an oven and induction stovetop, a double basin with stainless steel fixtures, and a fridge/freezer combo.  


The Secondary Bedrooms and Bathroom  


This cozy bathroom makes the most of its space and has the wonderful tiled floor that we have seen before throughout the house.  

This bathroom comes with all the quality design features you would expect in any good bathroom. There is ample storage space for toiletries in the cupboards conveniently located underneath the bathroom’s marble-pattern countertop. The shower/bath combo comes with a curtain for added privacy. 

Both 122-square-foot rooms are well-lit and filled with natural light thanks to their large windows. Each room has ample closet space and is fitted with a double bed, with the first having a larger queen size guaranteed to give you a good night’s sleep.  

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The first bedroom comes fully furnished with its own pair of nightstands. The second room has no such furniture, but there is a decent amount of space, enough for a small cabinet or table stand.    

Think of these rooms as a blank slate, ready for you to add a personal touch. Turn one bedroom into a guest room for visiting relatives or a place of refuge for a young adult looking for personal space. The choice is yours.  


The Utility Room


This hand utility room offers a high degree of functionality thanks to its practical design. Conveniently located next to the home’s garage, chuck those dirty clothes in the wash straight away after a muddy hike or messy playdate.   

The utility room comes with your standard washer and dryer connection. It has a handy folding counter as well as a handy shoe rack. You’ll never have to worry about kids traipsing mud through the house again.    

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The Master Bedroom


Nowhere is Palm Harbor’s craft and dedication to building quality homes on display more than in the master bedroom. The crown jewel of the house, this spacious bedroom with its huge king-sized bed. It is everything you want in a master bedroom.  


palm harbor homes st andrews bedroom



This well-lit spacious room comes complete with two matching black leather upholstered footstools. There is even a lovely armchair nestled neatly into the corner of the room. With over 246 square feet of space, there is plenty of room for additional furniture.  


The Master Bathroom


Continuing this feel of luxury created by the master bedroom, step through an archway into the master bathroom that also exudes the same charm and style. The elegant bathtub and walk-in shower fixtures instantly draw your eye, with their marble-patterned tile surround and glass window. The fixtures naturally distinguish the back end of the room from the front.  


palm harbor homes bathroom



The front of the room is home to an array of cabinets. It is ideal for housing fresh Egyptian cotton towels and all your various skincare and beauty products. Connected to these well-crafted cherry wood-colored cabinets are the bathroom’s double sinks, complete with vanity mirrors and lighting.  

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Suppose that wasn’t enough to have you head over heels for this bedroom. In that case, the bathroom also comes with a deceptively large walk-in closet. It is fit to hold even the most avid dress collector. 



Final Thoughts


This manufactured home by Palm Harbor Homes definitely takes the cake! It is absolutely stunning! We love the master suite and that tub is to die for!

Let us know what you think down in the comments. Thank you for stopping by to tour this home with us! Have a fantastic day and we will see your beautiful face in the next one!