This Palm Harbor TRIPLE WIDE is unlike any home I have seen!

Jan 28, 2022

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This Palm Harbor TRIPLE WIDE is unlike any home I have seen!


Located in Albany, Oregon, this Palm Harbor triple-wide is the Timber Ridge Elite. It offers comfort and space in the form of this exquisitely made triple wide. This welcoming home stands out from the rest thanks to its open-plan design and excellent interior design. The ideal home for a big happy family or a couple looking to build one.   


Floor Plan + Price


Timber Ridge Triple Wide Floor Plan

The Palm Harbor triple-wide contains:  

  • 2635 square feet of space  
  • Four Bedrooms  
    • Master bedroom – (245 square feet)  
    • Second bedroom – (150 square feet) 
    • Third bedroom – (112 square feet) 
    • Fourth bedroom – (123 square feet)  
  • Three Bathrooms  
  • Kitchen/Living area 
  • Utility room  
  • Den/ Game room  
  • Starting price: $277,000   

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Palm Harbor Triple Wide Exterior

The outside of the “Timber Ridge Elite” is absolutely massive! It has a unique siding combination of board-and-batten on the top half of the home and a more traditional vinyl siding on the lower half of the home. The colors are soft, with tans and grays, that just feel nice and inviting.



On the front of the home, there are a couple of large windows and a great big recessed entryway. To the left of the home is an additional entry point that leads into the utility room. Here would be a great spot for a garage mounted on the front of the home that would also add some extra character to the overall look.


Living Space  


Palm Harbor has really gone the extra mile when it comes to this triple wide’s interior design. This beautiful open-plan living space has a variety of fixtures and features that put it above the competition. There is plenty of seating for social gatherings, an olive green sectional, two forest pattern chairs with matching leather footrests, and black leather upholstered armchair.  


palm harbor triple wide living room


If you’re looking for something to really impress guests, look no further than the lovely shelving cabinet. One of the first pieces of furniture that greets you upon entering the home. Use this cabinet to showcase your growing whiskey collection or some wholesome family photos.  

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The living space transitions into the diner area, bending around the kitchen area. Magnificently crafted chandelier light fixtures overlook an excellent ebony-colored dining table, the perfect arrangement for a formal meal or a holiday dinner with the in-laws.  




The next stop on the tour is the triple-wide kitchen. Again following the open play style of the home, the kitchen and living space is neatly separated by the home’s breakfast bar. This four-seater bar overlooks the kitchen and adds to the sociable feel of the house. It is the ideal spot for a quick breakfast before shuttling the kids to school or heading off to the office.  

The kitchen comes with plenty of cabinet space. The chocolate mahogany wood draws offer a nice contrast to the shining white of the kitchen’s quartz countertops. All the cooking amenities are conventionally located, with the microwave practically placed above the electric stovetop and oven.  


palm harbor triple wide kitchen


The kitchen also comes with a fridge freezer as well as a dishwasher. If you are more of a traditionalist who prefers to handwash the good china, the kitchen’s two sinks offer more than enough space to get your hands dirty (or clean as the case may be).  


Second Bedroom  


This cozy 150-square-foot space tucked away behind the kitchen makes the most of every available inch. The room comes with a double bed and is illuminated with plenty of natural light courtesy of the room’s windows. With its compact design, this stylish room would make for an excellent guest bedroom.  


First Bedroom and Second Bathroom  


Just down the hall is the Palm Harbor triple-wide’s first bathroom. While the second is adjacent to the home’s game room.  

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Both rooms utilize the space well, with a bathtub shower combo and a basin complete with a vanity mirror and lighting. The lovely kitchen countertops will undoubtedly catch your eye with their white quartz design so too will the mosaic-style tiled backsplash. As a bonus, the counters also double as a convenient storage space.  


Utility Room  


Another room that was designed with functionality in mind is the utility room. The room comes with the standard washer and dryer hookup and a folding counter shaped in the style of a work desk. With space under the counter itself, this would be an excellent spot for a laundry basket.  


palm harbor triple wide laundry room


The utility room has plenty of closet space to help ensure the rest of the home stays clutter-free.  

Third Bedroom  


A room for the artist of the house, this single bedroom comes fully furnished with a smart deep mahogany desk. If you have a child who loves to draw or write poetry or paint miniatures, then this is the room for them.  

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Den/Game Room 


This game room helps to show you the full scope of what the Palm Harbor triple-wide has to offer. This game room is the perfect spot to corral the kid and is just waiting to have a TV mounted on the wall.


palm harbor triple wide den


The room comes fully furnished and again demonstrates the knack Palm Harbor has when designing the interior of their homes.  

Fourth Bedroom  


Much in the same vein as the previous bedrooms, this larger room stands out thanks to its floral-themed decor. Thanks to the room’s larger size, the fourth bedroom comes with a decent amount of closet space. With a double bed, the room is ideal for a growing child or as another potential guest room.  

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Master Bedroom 


The star of this Palm Harbor triple-wide home has to be the master bedroom. With over 245 square feet of space, this room feels more like a grand suite than a bedroom. Everything about the room exudes luxury.


palm harbor triple wide master bedroom


Whether it is the king-sized bed, the bath encased in marble-pattern tiles, or the slide-open shower that comes with two showerheads and a shower bench, everything about this master bedroom radiates class and sophistication.  

If that wasn’t enough, the bedroom comes with a frankly obscene amount of closet space. Shelving lines the walls for convenient overhead storage, meaning even the most determined fashion fanatic would have trouble filling this space. If getting out of bed was hard enough, already wait until you’ve spent a night in this magnificent room. 


Final Thoughts on This Triple Wide


The “Timber Ridge Elite” by Palm Harbor Homes is an incredibly spacious manufactured home. Each square foot of this home is flawlessly optimized for a large family to live comfortably. The open floor plan design allows additional flexibility to become anything your family needs to live comfortably. So, what do you say? Are you ready to say yes to the “Timber Ridge Elite” floor plan by Palm Harbor Homes?

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