Pine Grove Homes BEST Mobile Home Floor Plan EVER!

Feb 4, 2022

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A Lot To Love About Pine Grove Homes


This spacious double wide with its large gathering area and three bedrooms showcases everything that Pine Grove Homes has to offer. An excellent home for a family that is looking to settle down.  


Pine Grove Homes Model 3361 Floor Plan & Price


pine grove homes model 3361 floor plan


The Model 3361 by Pine Grove Homes contains: 

  • 1850 square feet of space 
  • Three bedrooms  
    • Master bedroom: 14ft 4in X 14ft (200 square feet)  
    • Second bedroom: 11ft 8in X 14ft (163 square feet)  
    • Third bedroom: 11ft 8in X 14ft (163 square feet)  
  • Two Bathrooms  
  • Front Porch  
  • Laundry Area 
  • Base Price: $103,00* 
  • As Toured Price: $118,000 

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Pine Grove Homes “3361” Exterior


What makes the exterior of the Model 3361 from Pine Grove Homes really stand is its front porch. A much sought-after feature, this gorgeous front porch with its white columns and lovely deck railing exudes a classic American charm. It is the perfect place to whittle away summer evenings, watching the world pass you by from the comfort of your own porch.


pine grove homes exterior

What’s more, you can do it in style. Pine Grove Homes know how to make a front porch and have decked theirs out with a beautiful hanging swing chair, so you don’t have to.   

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Pine Grove Homes Model 3361 Interior

Living Space


Upon entering the Model 3361, you walk straight into the home’s wide-open living space. Facing you as you enter the house is a small coat closet, the perfect spot for you to kick off your shoes and hang up your coat after a hard day at the office.  


pine grove homes living room


Thanks to its vibrant off-white color scheme, the space radiates a bright and perky tone. Which contrasts nicely against the dark brown of the room’s laminate wood flooring. Natural light illuminates the room courtesy of its many large windows that run the room’s length. 

 The creamy color scheme continues in the form of the gathering room’s furniture. A pair of couches and armchairs reflect the walls’ same bright and lively tones.  


The Kitchen


Through the sloping curves of a beautifully designed archway is the Model 3645’s kitchen area. The space is lined with laminate countertops. If you prefer another material, there is always the option to upgrade if you so choose.  

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At the center of the kitchen is a reasonably sized island. Which provides the perfect spot for chopping veggies or is a great spot to lay out a spread if you are celebrating a birthday or throwing a party. The kitchen is also lined with an array of cabinets and draws. These soft-close storage spaces add to the clean and fresh decor of the home with their off-white color.  


pine grove homes kitchen


The kitchen is filled with many unique features. Two that instantly jump to mind. The first is the frosted glass cabinetry, which provides the ideal place to spotlight your fine china or wine collection. The second is a pair of pull-out draws. Due to the cabinet’s vertical design, they are the perfect spice rack or condiment holder.  

Another neat kitchen feature is its two basins. The first is your standard sink with stainless steel features. The other sink, located next to the kitchen’s gas stove, offers easy access to water.

Poaching the flawless gooey-centered egg has never been easier.  The kitchen area comes with all of your standard home amenities, including a microwave, oven, dishwasher, and space for a fridge freezer.  


pine grove homes dining room


At the far end of the room is where you will find the dining area. A lovely four-seater dining table is elegantly lit by a chandelier light fixture at the center of the space, making for the ideal spot for a small family dinner.  

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First Bathroom


Next to the home’s first bathroom, the room comes with a stunning granite-style quartz countertop. Above this, you will find a vanity mirror, which also acts as a handy medicine cabinet. A vanity light also overlooks the sink. A little further down the room is the shower and bathtub combo and the toilet.  


Second and Third Bedroom


These two bedrooms are highly adaptable and are just waiting for you to come and add your own personal touch. Both rooms offer 163 square feet of space, enough to please any growing boy or girl.  


pine grove homes bedroom


What’s more, with these bedrooms being unfurnished, they are fully customizable. Add a lick of pink paint for the princess of the house. Add a shelving cabinet to store all of your child’s first-place trophies. Whatever your children love, you can build it. The only thing that is limiting you is your imagination.  Each bedroom also comes with ample closet space, complete with overhead storage.  

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Laundry Room


Located at the back of the home, next to the back door, is the washer and dryer hookup. This is also where the furnace and hot water heater can be located.   


Master bedroom


Again, this bedroom is a blank canvas ready to be molded by your influence. With a whopping 200 square feet, this room can easily house a king-sized bed. We could offer more suggestions, but we will leave you to build your own bedroom.  


pine grove homes master bedroom


Heading into the master en-suite, you will find plenty of cabinet space and draw underneath the room’s quartz countertops. So you will never run out of space for all your skin and beauty care products. 

 Here is also where you will find the bedroom’s closet. Two closets, in fact. These two walk-ins are located on either side of the bathroom, just next to the walk-in shower with its pristine white tiling surround.   


pine grove homes bathroom


The bathroom also comes with your standard pair of basins and accompanying vanity mirrors and lighting.  

*The price of the home will vary depending on your chosen furnishing and any additional price upgrades. The base price does not consider any fees that can be accrued due to delivery, construction, land development and taxes. Please consult the Pine Grove Homes website or local dealership for more information on any additional costs.