BEST MODULAR HOME KITCHEN Ever! | R-Anell Homes Elite 10

Jan 26, 2022

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If you love an open floor plan and exquisite kitchen, this is the modular home for you! Located in Sanford, North Carolina at Homes by Vanderbuilt, this R-Anell Homes Elite 10 is the perfect place to raise a family. R-Anell floor plans can be found in several states including NC, VA and northern portions of SC.

r-anell homes elite 10 floor plan

The “Rockbridge Elite 10” by R-Anell Homes includes:

  • 1271 Square Feet
  • Three Bedrooms
    • Master Bedroom:20ft 4in X 14ft 6in
    • Second Bedroom: 15ft 4in X 12ft 10in
    • Third Bedroom: 11ft 6in X 13ft 10in
  • Two and a half Bathrooms
  • Large Living Room
  • Family Room
  • Spacious Kitchen Design
  • Unfinished 2nd Floor
  • Starting above $250,000

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r-anell homes elite 10

The outside of the home is positively gorgeous, with its striking accent siding and red brick base. Not to mention the spacious front deck perfect for kicking back. And with plenty of floor space inside to boot, your kids will never run out of room to play. R-Anell homes like this one truly manage to check every box, and then some. 

Stepping Inside the Home  

Upon entering through the front door, you’ll find a cozy foyer with beautiful wood flooring. To your left is an elegant archway leading into the den. The den itself has regal crown molding and plenty of natural light, making it an excellent sitting room. 

R-Anell Homes Elite 10 living room

Straight ahead from the front door is the spacious open floor living area. The flooring here switches from hardwood to soft carpet that’s perfect for kids to play on. And with 16’9” x 26’6” of space, there’s also plenty of room for toys or an entertainment center. 

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Across the living room to the right, you can see the home’s stunning dining area. Above it is a trayed ceiling complete with recessed lights, further enhancing the open-air feeling. And the eye-catching beams add a splash of luxuriousness to the space. 

If you weren’t already impressed, the dining room also features a granite-topped dry bar. It’s hidden behind two lovely dark wood sliding barn doors. And when closed, there are two spotlit display areas on either side perfect for showing art or greenery. 

There’s also gorgeously finished wooden cabinetry above and below the bar offering storage space for wine and crockery. Not to mention the conveniently placed minifridge beneath the countertop. 

The Kitchen 

Your jaw will drop when you see how luxurious this home’s kitchen is. A stunning multi-tier island, exquisite cabinets, appliance garages—it has it all!  

R-Anell Homes Elite 10 kitchen

The cabinets and cupboards are an attractive beige color that complements the deep gray granite countertops. A lustrous sandstone backlash ties them together. Meanwhile, the stainless steel cabinet pulls perfectly match the stylishly modern range and hood.  

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The kitchen also features a stainless steel sink built-in to the island. Meaning that you can keep an eye on your kids in the living room or watch TV while you wash dishes.  

R-Anell Homes Elite 10 kitchen 1

Even better, the island holds multiple outlets for plugging in appliances or phone chargers. So whether you want to prepare a feast or sip wine with friends, it’s perfect for any occasion. On the kitchen’s far side is a door leading to a surprisingly beautiful utility room.  

R-Anell Homes Elite 10 laundry room

Here, you’ll find a gorgeous wooden cabinet set and granite countertop matching the dining room’s dry bar. In the center of it is a tub sink with a view overlooking the back of the property. 

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There are also two doors here, leading to the back and side of the house. So if your kids love playing outside, they can come through there instead of tracking mud through the house. 

The Bedrooms 

Heading back through the living area is a hallway leading to two bedrooms. This hallway also has a couple of extra closets, increasing this home’s already impressive storage capabilities. 

R-Anell Homes Elite 10 bedroom 1

Both bedrooms are spacious, measuring 11’6” x 13’10” and 15’4” x 12’10”. And with their crown molding and walk-in closets, these rooms feel distinctly regal and luxurious. Between the bedrooms is a shared private bathroom featuring a double vanity. And around the vanities are beautiful jacobean-stained wooden cabinets and granite countertops.  

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The water closet offers even more cabinetry with finish matching the ones under the vanities. It also has a window, helping fill the bathroom with pleasant natural light. 

The Master Suite 

From the right of the front door is the master bedroom. Before entering it is a gorgeous wooden shelving unit with space for coats to your left. And opposite of that is a conveniently-placed half bathroom. 

R-Anell Homes Elite 10 master bedroom

Once you walk into the master bedroom, you’re bound to fall in love with it. In addition to looking downright beautiful, it boasts an impressive 20’4” x 15’6” size. There’s also a recessed window area excellent for reading or relaxing. 

The en-suite really takes things to the next level. It features a stunning double vanity complete with dazzling countertops and cabinets. Plus, at the end of the bathroom is a carpeted walk-in closet with lots of shelf space. 

R-Anell Homes Elite 10 bathroom

And the shower is so amazing that you’ll never want to leave! It features both a rainfall and removable showerhead. Not to mention the fittingly exquisite tile work on the inside. 

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Upstairs to the 2nd Story 

The 2nd story of this modular home is currently unfinished but offers endless opportunities. If you prefer the excellent one-story layout, you can leave the upstairs unfinished. With all the room up there, it makes for ideal storage space. 

However, there’s also plenty of natural light, including a fabulous radius window. Meaning that you could finish it into a spacious studio or even a giant playroom for kids. Alternatively, the slanted ceiling and recessed areas would make for beautiful and unique bedrooms.  

Thanks to how open the space is, your design options are endless! It’s another reason why the customizability of R-Anell homes is so invaluable. 


The R-Anell Homes Elite 10 modular home at Homes by Vanderbuilt is nothing short of spectacular. Its open floor plan makes it feel spacious and welcoming. And the 2nd story provides plenty of future room for a family to grow into. 

When it comes to R-Anell homes Elite 10, they absolutely knocked it out the park.