See Why Everyone Is Talking About This Ritz Craft Modular Home!

Jul 28, 2022

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The “Easy Street Ranch” – A Ritz Craft Modular Home

This Ritz Craft Modular Home is the “Easy Street Ranch” and has one of the most beautiful modular home exteriors we’ve seen in a while! Ritz Craft Modular Homes are extremely plentiful across our site due to there wide build area and beautiful designs. They build a large variety of home designs ranging from traditional ranch style modulars like the one we are about to walk through, to ultra modern looking homes, and everything in between.

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While on a recent trip to Jenison, Michigan we had the opportunity to stop in and say hello to the folks at American Living. They had two incredible homes on display available to tour. The “Easy Street Ranch” was one of them and immediately drew our attention! If you are interested in this home, it is available in several other states as well. Ritz Craft Modular Homes are available in IA, MO, IL, WI, MI, IN, OH, KY, TN, VA, WV, PA, NY, DE, MD, NJ, CT, MA, RI, NH, VT and ME.

Ritz Craft Modular Home Floor Plan and Pricing

ritz craft modular homes floor plan

The “Easy Street Ranch” by Ritz Craft includes:

  • 1740 Square Feet
  • Three Bedrooms
    • Master Bedroom:14ft 1in X 12ft 10in
    • Second Bedroom: 10ft 0in X 11ft 9in
    • Third Bedroom: 10ft 6in X 11ft 9in
  • Two Bathrooms
  • Large Covered Porch
  • Open Concept Floor Plan
  • This Ritz Craft Modular Homes Cost Is Approximately: $233,000 with options shown
  • Base Price is Approx: $190,000

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Ritz Craft Modular Home Exterior

The exterior of this Ritz Craft modular home is very delightfully done with a beautiful grey vinyl siding. The front door is a wonderful sea foam green and surrounded by a large covered porch.

ritz craft modular homes easy street ranch

The siding on the porch transitions to a white board and batten that definitely draws your eye and invites you towards the front door. Surrounding the windows on the front of the home are very nicely selected weathered wood shutters. Almost like repurposed barn wood and they look amazing.

ritz craft modular homes front door

Continuing around to the back of the home there is a sliding glass door leading out from the dining room and two square port windows looking out the kitchen. Traveling around the side of the home there is a door leading into the laundry or utility room. This is were your garage would go f you ended up opting for one.

ritz craft modular homes

While the exterior of this version of the “Easy Street Ranch” is personally my favorite, we have toured this model with three different exteriors at three different locations. They have all had different exteriors including this modern farmhouse-ish one that I also quite like.

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Ritz Craft Modular Home Interior

Living Room

As you step through the front door you are immediately greeted by the living room and an open concept living space with views into the kitchen. To the left of the front door as you enter is a nice deep coat closet. To the right is the main section of the living room. There are two great big widows sitting on the front wall peaking out onto that beautiful covered porch.

ritz craft modular homes living room

Along the far wall, there is a floating entertainment center with two open shelves in the middle and two cabinets on either end. The living room is quite large, but with the built in entertainment center it doesn’t leave a lot of options for different furniture configurations. Of course that could just be me lacking a proper knack for decorating… who knows.

Kitchen and Dining Room

From the kitchen you easily flow into the kitchen. It is very light and airy feeling with beautiful white cabinets and two windows on either side of the stove and range hood. The main layout of the kitchen counter is in the somewhat shape of an “L”. I say somewhat because they are not connected. In the corner, dividing to two counters is a nice walk in pantry. It has plenty of space for a whole heap of food.

ritz craft modular homes kitchen

In the middle of the kitchen is a large island with darker color cabinets and a sink placed right in the middle on the stove side. The island also boasts plenty of room for several seats, perfect for informal dining or just hanging out.

To the left of the kitchen is the dining room. It has a lovely ship lap accent wall of one side and a sliding glass door on the back side leading out in to either a future back deck or patio space. There is more than enough room for a large dining table with room for possibly 6 or 8 seats.

ritz craft modular homes dining room

Since this home is currently set up for a basement foundation, there is an access door to the basement just off the dining room, around the corner from the living room. However, if you decide to opt for a crawl space this can easily be converted to a normal closet, perfect for extra storage.

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Bedrooms and Bathroom

From the dining room you can work your way down the hall towards the secondary bedrooms and bathroom. The two bedrooms sit on the left side of the hall towards the front of the house. They are great sizes, each with a large window and nice size step in closets. Both rooms are fairly close to a mirror image of each other measuring in at 10ft 0in X 11ft 9in for the first room and 10ft 6in X 11ft 9in for the second.

ritz craft modular homes bedroom

Across the hall from the two bedrooms, sitting more towards the back of the home, is the first full bathroom. It has everything you would need to accommodate the two bedrooms on this side of the home.

ritz craft modular homes bathroom

It has a single vanity and a shower and tube combo. While there isn’t a linen closet in the bathroom there is plenty of space for a linen rack in-between the toilet and vanity if you needed one.

Laundry Room

All the way at the end of the hall, past the bedrooms and bathroom, is the laundry room. There is a nice built in coat rack and bench right next to the side door. You’d easily be able to park the car in the garage and drop your shoes and bags on the way to the rest of the home. Immediately across from the side door is a large storage closet, which could be used as a cleaning closet or the linen closet for the bathroom on this side of the house.

ritz craft modular homes laundry room

Past that, to the left are the washer and dryer hook ups. To the right, on the opposite wall, is a stand alone wash basin. There aren’t any counters in the laundry room, but next to the wash basin is a spot of a small chest freezer I know so many look for.

Master Suite

On the opposite end of the house, sitting in between the living room and kitchen is the master suite. This room also sits up towards the front of the house and has a great big window just off to the side of the front porch. The master bedroom is nice and big, measuring approximately 14ft 1in X 12ft 10in. Definitely enough room for a big ‘ole king size bed and several dressers.

ritz craft modular homes master bedroom

The en-suite is separated from the master bedroom by a sliding barn door. It opens up to reveal a large double vanity and tiled shower. Tucked around the corner is a spacious water closet and massive walk in closet.

ritz craft modular homes master bathroom

So now you know why I love this Ritz Craft modular home! From the exterior to the interior it has an amazing look and flow. Let me know what you think about it in the comments. Other than that thanks for dropping by! Have a great day and I’ll see your beautiful face in the next one!