Coolest Floor Plan Of Any Manufactured Homes I’ve Seen!

Aug 4, 2022

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The “Hill Street” aka One Of The Coolest Manufactured Homes EVER!

Schult Homes is one of my favorite builders when it comes to modular and manufactured homes. They have so much variety in their floor plans and the “Hill Street” definitely showcases that. I had no idea what to expect as I hit record to film the last home of the day, and what I found was AWESOME!

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I came across the “Hill Street” while on a recent trip to Grand Rapids, Michigan. Preferred Homes had it on display, am I’m so glad they did. The “Hill Street” has a unique split bedroom design and a semi-open floor plan. The cool part is you don’t even know until you pass through the foyer which hide it all from view!

This home can either be built as a manufactured home or a modular home depending on your preference and price point. As we are touring it today it is a manufactured home. If you are interested in this model, Schult’s manufactured homes can be found in a variety of states. Schult Homes are built in KY, SC, NC, TN, TX, AZ, NV, LA, MN, MI, NE, IN and WI.


This Manufacture Homes Floor Plan And Pricing

manufactured homes floor plan

The “Hill Street” by Schult Homes includes:  

  • 1512 square feet of space  
  • Three bedrooms 
    • Master bedroom: 13ft 10in X 12ft  8in 
    • Second bedroom: 9ft 8in X 12ft 8in  
    • Third bedroom: 10ft 9in X 10ft 3in
  • Two bathrooms  
  • Great room w/ fireplace 
  • Kitchen 
  • Utility room   
  • Approximate Starting price: $183,000* 

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The “Hill Street” Manufactured Homes Exterior

The outside of this home features a wonderful grey vinyl siding, accented by stark black shutters. I think the grey and black combo makes all manufactured homes looked super sharp! Couple that with the white trim around the windows, as well as, the white skirting, and this home just looks absolutely phenomenal.

On the front of the home there are several windows looking into both the master bedroom as well as one of the secondary bedrooms. Then leading up to the entrance is a nice front porch.

manufactured homes

Working your way around to the back of the home, again, there are even more windows back here. This is where all of your main living areas are, so you will find windows looking into both the living room, kitchen and dining room.

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On the side of the home, coming out of the utility room, there is a side door. This is great and if you did want to put either a carport or some sort of garage you could definitely do that. It would ultimately add to the overall look of the exterior of the home. 


The “Hill Street” Manufactured Homes Interior


Living room

As you step inside of the home, you are greeted with a full foyer. I was super excited to see this because it is so very rare to come across a foyer of this caliber inside of any of the manufactured homes that we’ve toured. At the end of the foyer, to the right, you will find a coat closet, before it ultimately, opens up into your beautiful living room. 

manufactured homes living room

The living room is absolutely exquisite with plenty of space for any number of furniture layouts. You will find several windows along the back wall of the home and to the right, you will find a large gas fireplace.

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At one point the fireplace was offered as a real wood burning fireplace, however, the manufacturer has since done away with the wood burning fireplace and replaced it with a gas one. Even though this may seem like a bummer to some, it still has a beautiful stone surround, as well as, plenty of room  above it to mount a large TV.

On either side of the fireplace are two floor to ceiling built-ins, so you can put all of the decorations or family photos that you could possibly imagine. 


Secondary Bedrooms and Bath

To the left of the living room, you’ll start working your way down a small hallway towards the secondary bedrooms. The first door that you come to, on the left hand side of the hallway, is the first full bathroom. It has a large single vanity, a toilet and a shower and tub combo, all sitting on the front side of the home. 

manufactured homes bedroom

At the end of the hall, to both the front and back side of the home, you will find the two bedrooms. The bedroom sitting on the backside of the home is the larger of the two, measuring in at approximately 10ft 9in X 10ft 3in. It has one window looking out into the backyard, as well as, a nice step in closet towards the front of the room next to the door. 

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The bedroom sitting at the end of the hall, on the front side of the home, is slightly smaller. Mostly due to some of the wall configurations, but it measures in at approximately 9ft 8in X 12ft 8in. It has a great big window looking out into the front of the home and it also has a nice sized step in closet.


Master Suite

The master bedroom sits just off of the other side of the living room, opposite the secondary bedrooms. It also faces the front half of the house, with several great big windows and a large walk-in closet.

The room itself is quite spacious, measuring in at approximately 13ft 10in X 12ft  8in, with plenty of room for large king size bed, a dresser or two and maybe even a sitting area. 

manufactured homes master bedroom

To the left of the master bedroom, you will find an en-suite. It has a large double vanity, a toilet and a walk in shower. I love to walk in shower! It has a nice tile surround going all the way around it, as well as, a great big oversized shower head. You can’t go wrong with an oversized shower head!

manufactured homes master bathroom

The one thing that I do love and appreciate even more about the en-suite though, is the fact that they did not include the walk-in closet in here like most manufactured homes. Instead, they kept it out in the bedroom itself. I like that because it just allows the master bathroom to be a nice simple and functional space.


Kitchen and Dining Room

Just off of the living room, you will find a galley style kitchen, with large cabinets to both the backside of the home, and also towards the middle of the home. When you first enter the kitchen, to the left, there is a peninsula with bar stools sitting on the living room side.

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On the opposite side, there are several cabinets, as well as, an L-shaped countertop. Here, just below the back window, you’ll find the kitchen sink and a dishwasher. 

manufactured homes kitchen

On the opposite side of the kitchen, there is a whole plethora of cabinets. There is also a stove and refrigerator.

In the middle of the kitchen there’s plenty of room in case you wanted to add an additional island, so you had a little bit more counter space for prepping food or just hanging out and socializing. 

manufactured homes dining room

Past the kitchen you will enter into the dining room. The dining room is also a nice large space, with plenty of room for a big table. There also several windows that run along the exterior walls helping to brighten up the room.

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Utility Room

To the right of the dining room, you will pass through the doorway into the utility room. The utility room features washer and dryer hookups, a utility closet and the side door. We talked about this while we were on the outside of the home, which could ultimately lead out to a carport or garage. 

manufactured homes laundry room

Anyway, thank you so much for taking the time to tour these manufactured homes with us! Do me a favor if you don’t mid and leave a comment down below. Let us know your thoughts on this manufactured home.

As always, we hope that you have a fantastic day and we look forward to seeing your beautiful face in the next one!