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Dec 23, 2022

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How To Find The Perfect 4 Bedroom House Plan?

Finding the perfect home comes with challenges for most people, because everyone has different needs. Some people prefer a small, cozy house while others want a lot of space which a larger house with more rooms provides.

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If you’re looking for the latter, Schumacher Homes’ 4 bedroom house plan is a great option. With everything you need in a cozy, spacious package, it’s the perfect setup for couples and families. Plus, since it’s such a popular floor plan, Schumacher homes can build it for you quickly and easily!


Schumacher Homes Belleville Floor Plan & Price

schumacher home belleville floor plan

This home is the “Belleville” by Schumacher Homes and features:

  • Approx 3732 Square Feet
  • Five Bedrooms
    • Master Bedroom: 17ft 0in X 16ft 0in
    • Second Bedroom: 13ft 0in X 11ft 0in
    • Third Bedroom: 13ft 0in X 11ft 0in
    • Fourth Bedroom: 11ft 0in X 11ft 0in
    • Bonus room: 19ft 0in X 25ft 0in
  • 4 Full Bathrooms and 1 half
  • Stunning Kitchen
  • 2 Story Great Room
  • Wrap Around Porch
  • 3 Car Garage
  • Approximate Price for Home Only: $558,000
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Exterior of This 4 Bedroom House

The outside of this beautiful two-story house features white vinyl siding with nice gray trim going all the way around the home. On the front side of the house there is a nice, spacious porch with plenty of space for several chairs, a medium-sized table, and other decorations.

schumacher home belleville exterior

As you work your way around to the right-hand side of the home, you will notice several more windows peering out of both the dining room and kitchen. In between these windows is a doorway that leads into the living room.


Schumacher Homes 4 Bedroom Interior Design

When you first enter this home off the porch, you are greeted with views into the living room, kitchen and part of the dining room. There is a beautiful vinyl floor that runs throughout all these areas including the living room.


The Living Room

The living room is the first area that you enter and it has plenty of space for furniture. It also offers plenty of different options when it comes to furniture arrangement. There are several windows within the living room that really help brighten the space up.

schumacher home belleville living room

Overall, it is a super cozy feeling room with the perfect set up to rest and relax. In addition to the main entrance, there’s a side door near the living room that leads to the backyard.


The Kitchen

Behind the living room you will find the kitchen. The kitchen is a nice size and has plenty of cabinets and counter space.

In the middle of the kitchen, you will find a long, rectangular island with nice quartz countertops and plenty of seats surrounding two of the sides. On the kitchen side of the island, you will also find a beautiful brownish-black cabinetry with several drawers and cabinets.

schumacher home belleville kitchen

The rest of the kitchen is laid out in an “L” shape with the sink and dishwasher sitting just below windows looking out into the side yard. In front of the rectangular island, you will find the stove.

To the right of the sink and dishwasher, you will find the refrigerator and a small counter space. Splitting the refrigerator and stove sections of the kitchen is a large corner pantry. The pantry has plenty of space for a heap of food, so you will never be left looking for somewhere to put all your groceries. The pantry also has a small window overlooking the front yard.


Schumacher Homes Dining Room

The dining room has plenty of space for a nice-sized table. Surrounding the dining room are several long mirrors.

There are three windows near the dining room which, along with the ones near the kitchen and living room, help provide tremendous amounts of natural light.

schumacher home belleville dining room

There’s also plenty of space to add several small cabinets to help enhance the overall look of the dining room.


The Secondary Bedroom and Bath

Heading upstairs from the living room and past the upstairs hallway, you will come to several doorways on either side.

To the far right, you will reach the secondary bedroom. This bedroom sits on the right-hand side of the home. It has plenty of space for a nice sized bed, as well as, a dresser or and a couple of nightstands.

schumacher home belleville bedrooms

There is also a nice-sized window looking out into the side yard that helps provide additional light into the room itself.

Along the left side of this bedroom, you will find a bathroom which is connected to another room. The bathroom contains a small vanity and bathtub.


Schumacher Homes Tertiary Bedroom and Bath

Moving past the bathroom connected to the secondary bedroom, you now reach the tertiary room.

schumacher home belleville bedroom

This room, similar to the secondary room, has a nice window facing the front of the house. You can see the large, out-house portion of the home.

The room, like the secondary room, is quite spacious with lots of room for a nice sized bed, dresser and one or two nightstands.


Schumacher Homes Hallway

The upstairs hallway is quite cozy and has lots of space for a couch and coffee table.


The Quaternary Bedroom and Bath

On the opposite side of the secondary and tertiary bedrooms, past the upstairs hallway, you can find another bedroom.

Like the other bedrooms, this one is quite spacious and can fit two twin beds, a dresser and one large nightstand with lots of room still left over.

The room faces the front of the house and overlooks the front yard.

Across from the bedroom, you find a bathroom. Within the bathroom you will find the toilet and a shower. The bathroom also features a single vanity with a beautiful countertop as well as a large mirror and a light fixture. The walk-in shower has a large shower head and beautiful tile surrounds the ceiling.


The Master Bedroom

Downstairs, you head past the living room and head towards the front of the house and enter the master bedroom to the side.

The master bedroom is quite spacious. It has plenty of room for a large king-size bed, several dressers and nightstands.

schumacher home belleville master bedroom

There are also a couple of windows that really help brighten up the space and a doorway that leads into a fitness room and another doorway that leads to the master bathroom.

Getting a quick workout in is so much easier with the fitness room. The at-home exercise studio is spacious and can easily fit all your fitness equipment, including treadmill or elliptical.


The Master Bathroom

The en-suite features two vanities split by a large bathtub. Each vanity has several cabinets and drawers as well as a beautiful countertop.

At the back of the en-suite you will find a gorgeous walk-in shower. The shower has a large shower head and lovely tile surround that goes all the way up to the ceiling.

schumacher home belleville master bathroom

Around the corner from the shower, you will find the toilet. You will also find a large closet across the bathroom. The closer is quite spacious and can fit a medium to large-sized dresser within. It also has tip storage for small boxes or bins.


Out-House Bedroom

Entering the out-house, adjacent to the 4-bedroom house, you can walk up a stairwell and enter another bedroom.

schumacher home belleville inlaw suite

Incredibly spacious, it also can fit a king-size bed and fit several dressers, nightstands and other furniture.


Final Thoughts On This 4 Bedroom House

If you’re looking for a cozy, comfortable and spacious home, the Schumacher Homes 4 bedroom house plan is perfect for you. With an open floor plan and plenty of storage space, this house has everything you need to feel at ease. Plus, the exterior is absolutely gorgeous! Whether you’re starting out or upgrading, this 4 bedroom house is definitely worth a look.

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  1. Coleman B. Sistrunk

    Out-House in the south means “outdoor toilet”; might consider another possibility or not. It would be nice to have an enclosed walkway between the outhouse and the main house. I love the interior of the main floor and upstairs. Do you have the Belle design with the garage attached directly to the home? Could the out-house be more of a Jr. suite similar to the master suite. I would like to see the Belle format with another exterior design. This is an awesome design. It would be great if this was a five-bedroom home. We would love to have this home with just a few adjustments. Thanks for providing me with this opportunity.


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