Small 2 Bed Modular Home Unlike Anything You’ve Seen!

Nov 28, 2022

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2 Bedroom Modular Home

Have you been in search of a house that gives you privacy but also has an amazing view from all sides? Have greenery all around? Enough space to keep a family of 4 in a good neighborhood? If you pictured it, then I can assure you it must’ve looked something like this 2 bed modular home!

I came across this house by Design Homes in Prairie du Chien, WI and I assure you it is the perfect house for anyone who wants to have a good, peaceful, and quality time with their family.

If you do love this design but do not live in Wisconsin, Design Homes can be built in several states including MN, IA and WI.


2 Bed Modular Home Floor Plan & Price

2 bed modular home floor plan

This modular home is model “PDC – 15” by Design Homes and includes:

  • 1456 Square Feet
  • Two Bedrooms
    • Master Bedroom: 14ft 0in X 13ft 6in
    • Second Bedroom: 11ft 8in X 12ft 0in
  • Two Bathrooms
  • Spacious Kitchen
  • Split Bedroom Layout
  • Optional 2 Car Garage
  • Approximate Price At Time Of Tour: $234,000 as toured
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2 Bed Modular Home Exterior

The blue color of this house just jumps out and sits well with the eyes. There is no fancy outdoor design on color palettes used which makes it even more attractive in this scenery.

2 bed modular home exterior

The windows are well-mounted and give a wonderful view of the outside when you look from the inside.

There is also a sliding door that is located in the kitchen area. Another door is placed on the other end that you can use to enter the garage if you want to add it.


Interior Plans

As good as this house looks from the outside I can guarantee it looks even better from the inside as well.

A family-friendly house that is just perfect for spending quality time and enjoying the beauty of Prairie du Chien.

The house is designed in such a spectacular way that it allows a lot of natural light to enter and brighten your mornings every single day.


Living Room

So, the moment you enter the house you enter this lovely living room with lovely access to the dining area and that sliding door I mentioned earlier. The size of the living room is 20 ft. by 14 ft. which is large enough to company a big family for visit.

2 bed modular home living room

On the side of the front door, you can also see a coat closet where you can hang your coats when you come home from snowy days. It’s compact and just the right size for a small family.

The huge window in the living room doesn’t only bring in natural light in abundance but also gives you a splendid view of the outside.


Kitchen & Dining

Now when you move further in, the first thing you see is the dining room and right in front of that is the sliding door that I mentioned earlier. The size of the dining room is 15 ft. by 14 ft. with lovely lamps hanging on the top.

2 bed modular home dining room

There is also a cleaning closet in the corner where you can store your cleaning items including a broomstick or a vacuum cleaner etc. It’s cute, and simple and adds the right amount of attractiveness to the house.

Besides the dining room is the kitchen which has a size of 13 ft. by 14ft.

There is a counter, a microwave fitted on the top cabinet, space for a stove oven, and another counter where you can serve breakfast or share small treats with your family and friends.

There are a lot of cabinets for you to use and there’s even a space for a dishwasher. Additionally, when you’re washing you can always enjoy the scenery from the window.

2 bed modular home kitchen

Furthermore, there is a deep pantry that goes for 10 ft. and 6 in. with a lot of shelves.


Secondary Room

Now from the kitchen, you can enter the secondary room with measurements 11 ft. and 8 in. by 14 ft. There is a huge window with a lovely view, a closet, and a bathroom.

2 bed modular home bedroom

The bathroom consists of a single vanity, a toilet, and a bathing area which is a combo of both shower and tub. Besides the vanity, there is a wall-mounted medicine cabinet and besides that is a linen closet.


Mud Room

Once you’re outside the secondary room, you can see the door that will lead you to the garage or driveway (whichever you choose) and also there’s a mudroom/utility room where you can have your washer and dryer fixed.


Basement Area

Before moving to the master bedroom, you will come across a small partition which is nicely placed. When you check this area out you will see the entrance to the basement. This covered area is a nice setup that gives you extra space and adds a little oomph to the overall structure and design of the house.


Master Bed Room

Finally, the master bedroom is measured to be 13 ft. and 6 in. by 14 ft. This is a good space where you can further add stuff that you want.

2 bed modular home master bedroom

The view from the windows is lovely and really lets the light in and brightens the whole room. Additionally, there is a walk-in closet in the master bedroom so you have even more space to store. Interestingly there is also an access to the attic above in the closet.

Now when you enter the bathroom you will see there are 2 vanities with a soaking tub on the side. There are a lot of windows but you can cover them (for privacy). There is a toilet in the corner and beside it, there is a small linen closet.

2 bed modular home master bathroom

When you look to the side, behind the door of the bathroom, you will see the standalone shower.


Final Thoughts

So, are you willing to make this YOUR home?

In all honesty, this is a very beautiful house that is designed and built which uses the max space available, smartly. I love how they have placed everything accordingly so that it feels complete. The best thing is the way the light enters the house from all directions in my opinion.

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