Small Kitchen Design Tips for Maximum Functionality (EASY)

Mar 11, 2023

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How to Design a Small Kitchen for Maximum Functionality


Sometimes it can feel difficult to have a small kitchen design. It may feel cluttered and hard to use. But, even if a kitchen is small it can still look good.

There are many ways to make your small kitchen functional and stylish. Small kitchen designs use all available space. Also, practical decor pieces are key in maximizing the room’s functionality.

Check out these small kitchen design ideas to get you started on rethinking how you decorate.


Small Kitchen Design Ideas


Small kitchens are ideal for modern and minimalist designs. These aesthetics emphasize doing away with clutter and increasing functionality.

You don’t have to adopt a completely modern or minimalist aesthetic. Still, the key concepts from these styles will maximize your small kitchen design.


Declutter your countertops


Most small kitchens don’t have a lot of countertop space. This can cause problems when you go to prepare meals. If you have clutter on your countertops, you increase this problem.

So, try adopting the idea of minimalism—at least for your countertops. This small kitchen design idea will free up more countertop space for meal prep.

All you need to do is think about what you use on a daily basis. Then, keep only the most essential items on your counters while either storing or getting rid of the rest.


Organize your cabinets


Cabinet organization


Cabinets can get out of control. Mugs, small appliances, and endless plastic containers can take up precious space. Yet, you can get control of your cabinets by getting organized.

For your small kitchen design, try adding risers to stack smaller plates on top of larger plates. You can also buy plastic container lid organizers to make lids easier to see and use.

There are even water bottle organizers you can put in your kitchen cabinets.

Organizing your kitchen cabinets will help you to find all your items easier. It will also keep extra kitchen items off of your countertops.

In a small kitchen design, keeping your space organized is a must to maximize your space.


Choose stylish kitchen appliances


Stylish appliances for small kitchen design


If you use several kitchen appliances, consider buying ones that double as decor. This way, you can keep the appliance out in the open while also boosting your small kitchen design.

For example, this retro-style drip coffee maker looks stylish and sleek. Yet, it is something you could use every day.

This stylish breadbox is fantastic in a rustic or farmhouse small kitchen design.

Get creative and you can find some decorative yet functional appliances.


Use wall space


When you don’t have a lot of storage space, you can use your wall space. This small kitchen design idea gets items off countertops, yet allows practical use.

Instead of putting your utensils in a container on the countertop, free up space by hanging them. Use decorative hooks to elevate the style.

Another way to use wall space is to hang up shelves. You can display appliances, dishes, or decor pieces for your small kitchen design.


Hang up pots and pans


Hanging pots and pans


Pots and pans can take up a lot of space. But, you can incorporate them into your small kitchen design by hanging them up.

There are a few options for this. You can hang them from the ceiling if you have the space for this. Make sure they are up high enough or out of the way, so no one bumps their head.

Or, you can hang them using a shelf that extends from the wall. This small kitchen design idea puts your pots and pans within easy reach.

Also, if you have antique or stylish cookware, you get to show it off as part of your design.


Create a rolling prep cart


If countertop space is an issue, consider adding a rolling cart to your small kitchen design.

small kitchen design tips rolling prep cart

This will give you extra prep and storage space, while also giving you the ability to tuck away the cart when not in use.

You can store cutting boards, wine, or utensils in this cart. There are several types with varying styles and storage options.

Check out this rolling cart for inspiration!


Open up more space by taking down a wall


Some kitchens have a wall that is in the way of the flow of the kitchen. If you are able, taking down this wall or creating a half wall, can open up your small kitchen design.

This works especially well if a dining or living room is on the other side of the wall. Knocking down the wall will give your kitchen a more open concept.

If you do a half wall, you could install a bar countertop to create more seating options.


Create a focal point


Kitchen design with focal point


Small kitchen designs need a focal point. This focal point will draw the eye and give you a focus for your design.

A focal point can be a natural architectural feature, a window, a piece of art, or furniture.

Whatever you choose as your focal point, make the decor and functional items draw your eyes to this point. This will give your small kitchen design a feel of cohesion and purpose.


Paint with light colors


Lighter colors make a small space look more open. Whites, light yellows, blues, pastels, and mints are great for a small kitchen design.

small kitchen design tips

Bright white cabinets paired with warm rugs and pops of colorful decor work well in this space. Small kitchen designs are at their best when they seem cozy and bright.

Dark colors and features can make them feel smaller and more confined.


Make the room look bigger with mirrors and patterns


Kitchen with eye-catching tile backsplash


Mirrors can make a space look bigger. But, so can unique and interesting patterns. Add these two details to your small kitchen design.

They will make your space feel more lively and open. Mirrors give the illusion of more space. The repetition of a pattern creates the sense of longer or more dense areas.

Try a patterned backsplash or floor tile. Mirrors above the sink are a great way to elevate your small kitchen design.


Brighten up the space with lights


Kitchen with intricate light fixtures


Without the proper lighting, a small kitchen design can seem dark and dreary. To make your space more functional, try adding some lights under cabinets.

You could also add a decorative light over the sink like this one. Light spaces where you work often. This will help you to see better, but it will also add to the small kitchen design.




You can make your small kitchen design more functional while keeping it beautiful. Try decluttering and organizing first.

Then, use every available space, including walls to store and display your items.

Finally, create focal points and use light colors to make your space feel bigger. A functional small kitchen design is within your reach! Try out our suggestions to see how you can transform your space.

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