This Small Modular Home Is Magical (One Of A Kind)

Dec 30, 2021

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Small Modular Home Is All Magic


This small modular home is the “River Rock 2” by Blue Ridge Log Cabins. It is small, cozy, and absolutely magical. The “River Rock II” is on display in Campobello, South Carolina at Blue Ridge Log Cabins’ incredible model center. It features a lovely loft area that is open to the living space below and has some beautiful accents and that amazing cabin feel!

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The Specs


small modular home floor plan

The “River Rock II” by Blue Ridge Log Cabins includes:

  • 802 Square Feet
  • One Bedroom
    • Bedroom:12ft 8in X 10ft 3in
  • Loft/ 2nd Bedroom open to below
  • One Bathroom
  • Cozy Fireplace
  • Full-Size Kitchen
  • Approximate Starting Price At Time Of Tour: $121,000
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This 1-2 bedroom modular home may be small in size, but it is definitely not lacking in charm or character.  From the moment you lay eyes on this house, every detail makes the home more special.


small modular home


The exterior has a mix of stone, board and batten siding, and actual wood bark siding going up the gable on the back side of the home. Or maybe front I’m not exactly sure which is which here. Whatever the case may be, that, combined with the cozy front and back porches and trim detail, makes this cottage one of the coziest homes I have ever seen!

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The home incorporates several uniquely design windows spread out across the home and has a great big stone fireplace off to the side of the home. All in all, this home is definitely on my must-have list. Maybe not as a primary residence, because I have 3 little boys, but most certainly as an escape home or even a cute vacation rental.


Stepping Inside


Entering the home, the first thing I noticed was the beautiful eastern white pine that lines the entire house.  The outside of the home didn’t look like your typical log cabin, but the inside gives you that rustic feel that you (or at least I) was hoping for.  There is a small entryway as soon as you enter the home.

Then, directly to your right, you will find the full bathroom. The bathroom has a darker wood on the walls that really gives some contrast and goes well with the dark fixtures and vanity lights.  The best thing in the bathroom is the gorgeous tile surround around the top of the shower.  It matches the darker wood perfectly.


Master Bedroom


From the bathroom, we head down the hallway, where we find the main bedroom to the left and a closet to the right. The closet can either be for storage or a stackable washer/dryer. Given the size of this small modular home, the bedroom is a really nice size.


small one bedroom modular home


The best part of the room is the accent wall behind the bed.  It is made of real bark, which if you remember, is on the outside of the home as well. I love that it was incorporated into the inside of the home and it looks amazing!

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The room is finished with a light blue trim around the windows and closet that is really pretty and is honestly something I have never seen before. It’s a touch that definitely adds some whimsical vibes to the room.


Living Room


We are now ready to enter the heart of the home. The main living area is absolutely stunning. It has tall, vaulted ceilings with several triangle-shaped windows, again giving that whimsical cottage feel and also providing a ton of natural light.


small modular home livingroom


There is a beautiful rustic chandelier hanging from the ceiling and of course, what cabin is not complete without a fireplace? The stone surround for the fireplace and the wooden mantle are both perfect for this room. Continuing around, you will find the sliding glass door leading out to the quaint back porch. A perfect little area to sit and enjoy the outdoors!


small modular home loft


Between the living room and kitchen, there are stairs that lead up to the loft area. An amazing detail that has been added to the stairs is the built-in shelves on both sides.

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The shelves facing the living room provide a place for books or knick-knacks and the shelves facing the kitchen side give extra storage for cookware or gadgets. They are a genius addition that looks amazing and provides valuable space to this small modular home.




Walking past the staircase, you will find a breakfast nook and a beautiful kitchen.  I am really surprised at the amount of storage in this kitchen. There are plenty of cabinets to fit all of your cooking essentials and again those built-in shelves under the stairs really will come in handy. There is even room above the cabinets for extra storage.

As great as the storage is, the decor of the kitchen is even better.  The backsplash is made of tin and is a mix of worn copper and a slate color that matches perfectly with the black marble on the counters and the beautiful stone-faced sink.

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Last, but definitely not least, we are going to head up to the loft.  The staircase heading up is all wood and even has chunky wooden spindles that accentuate the rusticness of the home.  The loft is a really nice area, whether you made it a spare guest room or a small office.


small modular home design


It is a very versatile space that can be used for really anything.  The view is really the best part of it, not only can you see out all those beautiful windows, but you can also look down and see the amazing home you are in!

I know I have been gushing about this home. What do you think of it?  Do you think it’s the perfect whimsical fairytale cabin or do you have other thoughts on it?

Thank you so much for taking the time to tour this home with us! We hope you have a fantastic day and we will see you in the next one!

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