Smart Home Technology: The Future of Design & Automation

Feb 22, 2023

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The Future of Home Design and Automation

It’s the year 2023. According to cartoons, we should be cruising in flying cars by now. And our homes should be doing our chores for us. Even if we scoff at what seems like an outlandish future, technology in the home is growing at a rapid rate. Each year, new household items are becoming automated.

Since the pandemic, people are adding more smart home technology to their home design. Automated devices can make many aspects of life easier.

So, what on the market these days is safe and useful? What is a fad? And what will the future hold for automation in home design?

Read on as we explore the latest trends in smart home technology. We will also discuss the safety of using these devices, and the future of automation in home design.

What makes a smart home?

Modern home with smart home technology

A smart home is a home connected to a device or platform. This connection allows the user to control settings in the home. The most commonly controlled aspects of the home are security, lighting, and temperature.

Smart home technology is available at lower prices than it ever has. This allows it to become more mainstream in everyday home design.

Smart devices are becoming more popular each year. So, the trend in home tech is to have the different smart devices speak to one another.

Why add smart home technology to your home design?


Smart home technology benefits

Smart home technology has many benefits. You can operate these devices remotely. So, you now have the ability to turn on and off objects in your home from a distance. This conserves energy and is convenient.

You don’t have to be a whiz at technology to operate smart home technology. The latest devices are easy to set up and use. Many of these devices run with a smartphone and WiFi.

These devices are usually hands-free, too, which means they are voice-activated. This makes adding an item to a grocery list or turning the heat up on the thermostat much easier.

Smart home technology is also helpful for the elderly and people with disabilities. They are better able to get things done around the house with these automated devices. And, if they need help, it is easy to contact someone using smart home technology.

What types of smart home technology can you find?

Nowadays, you can find automation in almost every room of the home. Smart home technology has come a long way. There are some smart home devices that are more popular and reliable now than others. More tech is getting developed and put on the market each year.

So, how do you know which devices are worth investing in?

The following list of smart devices has a pretty good track record so far. They are becoming a staple in modern smart home design.

Smart lighting


Smart home lighting

To achieve smart lighting, buy smart LED bulbs. These bulbs connect through a smart home assistant. Then, you can operate your lights from an app on your phone.

You can set a timer for how long the lights are on each day. You can also create a schedule for when they will turn on and off. If you forget to turn off a light, you can do it while you are away.

There are also options for controlling how much light the bulb is putting out. So, you can dim or brighten your lights, as needed.

This is fantastic for conserving energy. It helps both the environment and your electric bill. But also, this level of control allows you to manipulate the lighting in your home design.

You can create warmer, dimmer moods or bright, sunnier areas of the home. Smart lighting is a smart home technology that will innovate the way you create lit spaces in your home.


Smart locks


Smart lock home technology

Lately, almost any home you visit has either a smart lock or a smart security device. This has become very popular in the last few years.

Smart locks make entering your home easier for you. Some locks will unlock with a keycard or electronic keypad. Others use Bluetooth and authorization from your smartphone. Other locks have biometric features.

These conveniences for you make it harder for unwanted guests to enter. It also helps you keep track of who enters and exits your home. If an intruder attempts to break through the lock, you get notified.

If you are looking to add a smart lock to your smart home technology, give this one a try. It uses a keycard.

There are also some with more attractive looks, based on your home design.

Smart security


Smart home security devices

Hand-in-hand with smart locks, smart security devices are another popular smart home technology. These include smart cameras and smart alarms.

You can place smart cameras inside and outside the home. Then, you are able to see from your phone what is going on at your house while you are away. This is great for parents, pet owners, and people who want to keep an eye out for intruders.

Check out this smart home camera system, for inspiration.

Smart alarms can detect smoke, carbon monoxide, and flooding. Then, they alert you when danger is imminent, so you can get help or escape your home, as needed. This smart home technology helps you to protect your family from unseen events.

If you want ideas for smart alarms, look at this one for your home design.

Smart thermostats

Smart home thermostat

Smart thermostats are a smart home technology worth the investment. These nifty devices hook up to your AC unit. Then, you control the temperature of your home from your smartphone.

You can raise or lower the temperature from anywhere. This will help you save money on your electric bill and conserve energy for the environment. It also helps you to maximize the optimal temperatures for your family, in your home.

This smart home technology is easy to use. This smart thermostat works with Alexa for easy integration into your home.

Other smart home devices

There are so many smart home devices on the market today. You can get smart garage door openers that allow you to open your garage door as you drive up.

There are smart refrigerators that let you order groceries as soon as you run out. These also run more efficiently and control the temperature.

Smart plugs are an innovative smart home technology. This allows you to control any object plugged into the outlet.

All this automation can be convenient and help conserve energy.

Is smart home technology safe?

Smart home technology still has a long way to go in creating safe tech. Smart devices can be susceptible to data breaches. Hackers can get into the system and collect personal data. They can also remotely control your devices.

To improve the safety of your smart home device, it is important to take precautions. The following steps will help ensure that your smart home technology is safer.

  • Create strong passwords
  • Set up smart home devices on guest networks instead of your home WiFi
  • Enable two-factor authentication
  • Update firmware
  • Use local storage instead of the cloud
  • Add firewalls

With these measures, your smart devices will be safer to use.

What is the future of smart home technology?

Automation is the future of home design. Every year, new automated devices hit the market. Some have become so ubiquitous, we don’t even think of them as smart anymore (e.g. smart vacuums).

Adding technology to your home can be fun, convenient, and eco-friendly. Be sure to research before adding these devices to your home design. You want the best quality and reliability for your family. Also, make sure all your devices speak to each other. This will make them even more efficient.

We may not be quite at the level of those futuristic cartoons, but every year we grow closer to having fully automated homes.

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