Terrace Homes EXQUISITE Modular Log Cabin [Tour w/Price]

Sep 26, 2022

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Terrace Homes Modular Log Cabin – The “Loft”

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like this before. Apparently, there is a new type of modular log cabin that is making the rounds on the internet and it’s Terrace Homes! It looks like a normal log cabin from the outside, but when you go inside, there is a giant open loft space that takes up almost the entire interior. I have to say, it’s pretty ingenious!

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We visited Terrace Homes in Friendship, Wisconsin and this modular log cabin style house was gorgeous! With a capital G. Terrace Homes, however, only builds modular homes in WI.

log cabin by terrace homes floor plan

Terrace Homes Modular Log Cabin Price and Floor Plan

The “Loft” by Terrace Homes Features:

  • 1660 square feet of space
  • Two bedrooms
    • Master bedroom: 15ft 0in X 14ft 0in
    • Second bedroom: 9ft 6in X 12ft 0in
  • 2.5 bathrooms
  • Open Concept
  • Vaulted Ceilings
  • Wrap Around Porch
  • Fireplace
  • Approximate Starting Price: $320,000
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The “Loft” – Terrace Homes Log House Exterior

The outside of this magnificent modular log cabin is stunning! The first thing that immediately pops out is the massive wrap around porch and the huge window array sitting up towards the front of the cabin. I also has a beautiful fireplace that makes itself known on the porch also.

log cabin by terrace homes exterior view

On the front side of the home there is a set of stairs that lead up to the entryway which has nice, rustic wood banisters going all the way up the stairs. Then just above the doorway, there is an exposed wood truss, as well as, a cute wrought iron pendant light hanging down over the top of the door. 

As you move around the rest of the home, you will notice several other windows coming out of plenty of different rooms. These include the loft and the master bedroom. There is also a nice hand-hewn log siding that wraps around this entire home, giving it that quintessential log home feel.

Then on the far side of the home you will find a single dormer that sits up on the loft area. This houses the half bath up in the loft which is cool. 

The “Loft” – Modular Log Home Interior by Terrace Homes

As you step inside of the home, you are greeted with an open concept layout and a beautiful open to above great room. Right in front of the doorway is a set of stairs that leads up to the loft area. Then next to that, sits the living room.

Living Room

The living room is a grand space with plenty of room for several furniture arrangements. The ceiling towering above, gives the room an even more grandiose feel. While the large window array sitting up towards the front of the home provides tons of natural light.

At the back end of the living room is a sliding glass door that provides access out onto the front portion of this tremendous wrap around porch.

log cabin by terrace homes living room

Now within this great big space, of course, is a huge floor to ceiling fireplace with a massive stone surround! If it was me, I am going to aim at least a portion of my living room towards the fireplace!!

The fireplace has a beautiful thick wood mantle and a nice, raised hearth. So plenty of room for decorations or you can even add a TV if you wanted to. Then up in the ceiling you will also notice some accent lights to help highlight whatever decorations you intend on hanging on the fireplace itself. 

Dining Room

Past the fireplace you come into the dining room. Again, the dining room also has a sliding glass door leading out onto the huge wrap around porch. There is plenty of space for a large dining room table, as well as, a buffet or hutch.

log cabin by terrace homes dining room

Then hanging down over the top of the kitchen table is a beautiful rustic chandelier. Of course, light fixtures are one of those things that can always be swapped out and made to suit your own personal taste. I just love how they incorporated all the wood and metal throughout the home.


Behind the dining room you will find the kitchen. Within the kitchen is a cute little L-shaped island with two more beautiful wrought iron pendant lights hanging down over the top of it.

On the living room and dining room side of the island is a little lip to place three or four stools. Then on the opposite side, there is an open shelf cabinet along with a couple other cabinets with some nice slide outs. 

log cabin by terrace homes kitchen

The main kitchen counter sits just beyond that, up underneath of the beautiful loft area. To the backside of the home, you will find the stove and built-in microwave. On the lower cabinets, just below that, you find it several drawers, including two lazy susans. Which I found neat.

Then looking out the side of the home, just below the beautiful window, you will also find a sink and several other cabinets and drawers. 

Laundry Room

The left of the kitchen you will find the stairwell down into the basement. Beyond that is a hallway that leads to all the bedrooms and bathrooms.

log cabin by terrace homes laundry room

However, the first room that you come to, sits on the left-hand side of the hallway, and is the laundry room. In here you have washer and dryer hook ups sitting right up towards the front of the door. Then at the back of the laundry room is a nice long counter space for folding your clothes with several cabinets just above it.

Secondary Bedroom and Bath

Slightly beyond that, on the same side of the hallway, you will come to the first full bathroom. The bathroom features a large single vanity, the toilet, and shower and tub combo. 

log cabin by terrace homes bedroom

All the way at the end of the hall is the smaller of the two bedrooms. This bedroom measures in at approximately 9ft 6in X 12ft 0in and does have plenty of room for a nice sized bed and a nightstand or two.

There is also a large window looking out towards the side of the home that provides some natural light. On the opposite side of the room is a nice step in closet for all your clothes. 

Master Suite

Sitting about a midway down the hallway, across from the first full bathroom, is the master bedroom.

log cabin by terrace homes master bedroom

The master bedroom is quite large measuring in at approximately 15ft 0in X 14ft 0in. Enough room for a large king size bed along with plenty of pieces of furniture including nightstands, dressers, and a TV stand.

There is a large window looking out towards the front of the home and two doorways that lead into the en-suite and the walk-in closet. 

The en-suite features a single vanity a toilet and a shower and tub combo. 

Loft Area

Returning to the front door of this modular log cabin, we will start working our way up the stairs and to the loft area. The loft overlooks the great room with stunning views out the massive window array looking out over the front of the home.

log cabin by terrace homes loft

The loft itself is massive with plenty of space for whatever you wanted to put up here.

As shown, they had a total of five beds sitting up here. You can definitely turn this into a sweet vacation spot or you can turn it into a gigantic game room or even a movie theater room.

log cabin by terrace homes half bathroom

Up here in the loft you will also find 1/2 bath with a single vanity and your toilet that is sitting inside of a cute little dormer looking out the side of the home.

Final Thoughts On This Modular Log Cabin

I am a sucker for log cabin style homes, so obviously I love this one! With the option to finish off the basement and turn this beauty into a year round retreat, it is PERFECT!

Let us know what you think down in the comments. Thank you for stopping by to tour this home with us! Have a fantastic day and we will see your beautiful face in the next one!

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