The BEST 4 Home Design at America’s Home Place

Feb 24, 2022

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America’s Home Place #1 Home Design


From the picturesque Jeromesville, Ohio, the Brookwood home design from America’s Home Place, is a huge family home that you absolutely don’t want to miss out on. America’s Home Place builds custom site-built homes throughout several states on the east coast.  


The Brookwood Home Design Floor Plan


4 bedroom home design

The Brookwood from America’s Home Place, Home Design comes with:  

  • 2745 square feet of space 
  • Four bedrooms  
    • Master bedroom: 14ft 10 X 17ft 11in (262 square feet)  
    • Second bedroom: 11ft X 12ft 3in (135 square feet) 
    • Third bedroom: 12ft 6in X 12ft 4in (154 square feet) 
    • Fourth bedroom: 12ft 5in X 11ft 7in (144 square feet)  
  • Three and a half bathrooms 
  • Kitchen and dining area  
  • Flex room  
  • Laundry room 
  • Two-car garage 
  • Full Basement
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The Exterior  Home Design


Built in the long close-to-the-ground style that has undergone a revival in recent years, the Brookwood is a ranch-style home with a difference. It draws you in with its gable roofs and the stonework running along its foundation.

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The muted tones of its grey board and batten siding also accentuate the home’s finer details, such as its bright white window frames, rakes, and eaves.   


america's Home Place Brookwood Home Design Exterior


The whole home is accented wonderfully by a bone-white pavement leading. The beautiful snaking road leads to the wonders that await inside.  


The Interior Home Design


Upon setting through the grand doors of the Brookwood, you come to the foyer. The foyer is distinguishable from the rest of the adjoining rooms by its vinyl plank floor.  

First, on the right is a gorgeous flex room. This wide-open space is lined with smooth dark grey carpeting and matching walls. The room also gets plenty of natural light thanks to a huge window. 

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The hint is in the name of the room. You can flex this space into whatever you want it to be. If you are a busy business professional looking to get your starter company up and running, the flex room is your office. If your work life starts and ends when you punch out, why not turn this space into a quiet reading nook?

Or go the whole hog with a big-screen TV and surround sound system to deliver the ultimate in-home theatre experience. Whatever you choose, this flex room has unlimited potential, so make the most of it.  




Down a small corridor to the right is where you will find access to the home’s basement. This wide-open space is an additional option if you want to add square footage to the house.  

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As is the case with most additional options of this variety, they have the potential to become anything you want them to be. The only thing that is limiting you is your imagination.  


Second Bedroom  


The Brookwood’s first bedroom is a little further down the fall, past a set of gorgeously designed chapel arch wall decor.  

With a bunk bed, this room is perfect for a troublesome twosome. A long cottage window provides plenty of natural light that compliments the bright off-white color of the walls and the ashy wood color of the chest of drawers.  

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The bedroom comes with plenty of closet space to accommodate two siblings. The room connects to the Jack and Jill bathroom shared with the bedroom down the hall.  

The bathroom is compact and can hold all the important fixtures without being too cramped. The bathroom comes with a huge vanity mirror and lighting that runs the length of the room’s black quartz countertops. There is also a shower and bath combo and a toilet located in the room’s water closet.    


Third Bedroom


This 154-square-foot room with its double bed is ideal for an older sibling that likes privacy. The room comes fully furnished with matching nightstands and lamps. There is also a gorgeous chest of drawers to go along with the room’s ample closet space. For an extra piece of flare America’s Home Place, Home Design has added a gorgeous circle mirror that adorns the door-facing wall.  


Second Bathroom


Just out of the hallway is the second bathroom. Just like the previous bathroom, this one comes furnished with a vanity mirror and lighting, an under-mount washbasin, along with a bath shower combo and toilet.  


Fourth Bedroom


The room with its aviation-themed decor would make an excellent spot for the oldest male sibling of the house. The room comes fully furnished with a huge double bed, nightstand, and chest of drawers. Like the rest of the bedrooms, it comes with plenty of closet space.  

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Dining Room and Living Room


Leaning back down the hall into the main living space, the Brookwood opens up into an open-plan design.  


america's Home Place Brookwood Home Design dining room


Here you will find a stunning dining room set. Lit by a massive trio of floor-to-ceiling windows, this vibrant bright room with its white decor is a great spot for a formal dinner or family breakfast.  


america's Home Place Brookwood Home Design livingroom


Then there is the main living area. This sizable space has a very modern ranch atheistic. A wood-burning fireplace with a beautiful stone surround graces the wall. So to do the pair of wood shelving cabinets, the two fixtures have a modern feel yet wouldn’t feel out of place on a classic 1950s ranch home.  

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The space’s white couches complement the vibrant aura of the room and make for the perfect spot to cuddle up with the family and enjoy a movie.  


The Kitchen


As the room transitions into the kitchen, it is here where you will find a smaller dining area. Ideal for a quick breakfast or midweek dinner, it is also here where you will find access to the home’s back porch.  


america's Home Place Brookwood Home Design kitchen


Suppose the Brookwood didn’t have enough places to eat already. The kitchen comes with an oversized island with a glistening granite countertop. Here the room takes on a much warmer tone, courtesy of the kitchen’s chestnut brown soft close cabinets and drawers.  

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The kitchen comes with all your standard amenities including, a dishwasher, fridge freezer, oven, induction stovetop, and microwave. If all the cabinetry somehow wasn’t enough space for all your cookware and ingredients, the kitchen also has a side pantry.  




If you’re a busy parent or avid petrol-head, you will love this two-car garage. This vast space can house any vehicle from the family mini-van to a classic muscle car with its high ceilings.  


Laundry Room


This compact room is the perfect size to hold a washer and dryer without being unnecessarily large. America’s Home Place, Home Design makes the most of every inch of space and adds some handy overhead wire-rack shelves to store all the cleaning products you need.  

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Master Bedroom 


Finally, the room you have all been waiting for, the master bedroom. As you step into the master bathroom, you are immediately hit with its warm spa-like glow. There is a large soaking tub for unwinding after a long, stressful day. High shelves run parallel to the bath, an excellent spot for a few scented candles.  


america's Home Place Brookwood Home Design bathroom


The luxury continues on the other side of the room. A huge vanity mirror runs the length of the wall, overlooking the two washbasins and makeup vanity, lined with a gorgeous granite countertop. The room also has a walk-in shower, a well-decorated water closet, and, yes, you guessed it, even more closet space.  


america's Home Place Brookwood Home Design bedroom


The bedroom has a romantic tinge with its sheer white curtains. The room is beautifully furnished with a pair of ash-colored wood chest-of-drawers and a cozy armchair. You are not going to want to leave this bedroom once you’ve set foot in it.  

What is your favorite part of this home design?