The Essential Elements of Industrial Home Decor Style

Mar 31, 2023

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The Essential Elements of Industrial Home Decor Style


The industrial home decor style is a reflection of modern society. This style of decorating takes inspiration from the Industrial Revolution. Its sleek, pared-down aesthetic focuses on raw materials, exposed elements, and functionality.

Try these essential elements to create the industrial home decor style. An open-concept floor plan and exposed elements mark this style. Also, simple and functional decor and mechanical details complete the look

If this design aesthetic intrigues you, we have some tips on how to achieve this style in your home.


What is industrial home decor style?


Around the early 2000s, the industrial home design aesthetic became popular. The style reflects peoples’ move to city living. Loft apartments overlooking busy streets are part of the inspiration. This design aesthetic still catches the idea today. With its simplicity, this design feels classy. Its focus on mechanical features creates a sense of the contemporary.


Open concept


One of the key elements of industrial home design is an open floor plan. This design features large, tall ceilings. And, the kitchen, dining, and family room are often combined into one space.

These design concepts make the place seem bigger and more spacious. The rooms should be airy like an empty factory or abandoned warehouse. The industrial home design style wants to mimic those industrial spaces in the home.


Raw elements


 Industrial home decor style with exposed brick


Exposed raw elements are another important concept in this design aesthetic. This design is trying to capture the look of industrial space. So, exposed ceiling beams are perfect. Brick walls that are revealed from behind old plaster add to the effect. Also, visible pipework and concrete flooring contribute to this design.

Unfinished wood, brick, metal, and concrete create a modern, industrial look. These materials feel like they are a part of the past. Yet, they are also modern and mechanical.




Many modern aesthetics focus on simplicity. This design style is no different. An overabundance of decor pieces detracts from the beauty of the exposed materials. It is important to have fewer items that make bigger impacts.

The color palette is also simple. Darker colors such as black, brown, and gray are prominent with whites and creams as the accents.




Clutter has to go in the industrial home decor style. You want furniture and decor pieces to be both beautiful and functional. This is what gives the design such a modern, sleek appearance. Each piece should be purposeful and usable.


Mechanical details


This aesthetic also incorporates lots of mechanical details. The details should use metals you would see in a factory or industrial space. These can include metals such as copper, galvanized steel, iron, copper, and brass.


How do you incorporate industrial home decor into your space?


Open-concept home with exposed brick


You may be wondering how to add this style to your home. If you don’t have an open concept or any exposed, raw materials in your home, you can still achieve this look. There are small ways you can incorporate this style into your decor.


Add metal accents


One of the simplest ways to give your home decor that industrial look is to use metal accents. You can add shelves with metal piping to display items in your kitchen. Or, try changing all your pulls to industrial, black pipe pulls.

In an entryway, these black pipe coat hooks would add a touch of industrialism.

You could also add large metal decor pieces to your walls for a focal point. Check out this rubbed bronze gear clock for inspiration.


Use Edison bulbs


Edison bulbs for industrial home decor


Edison bulbs are the perfect touch for an industrial home design style. You can style them in several different ways. There are hanging pendant lights with the exposed bulb.

You could also use these side table lights in a living room or family space.

If you really want a unique piece, this ceiling light would be perfect for a kitchen or outdoor space. It has lots of Edison bulbs at various angles with metal piping connecting each part.


Create the look of exposed brick


Exposed brick


You may be lucky enough to have a brick wall covered in plaster that you can expose. Yet, if you want an accent wall with the look of exposed brick, but you don’t have any brick walls, you can fake it. Peel n’ Stick brick wallpaper is one way to add in a brick accent wall.

You could also paint a wall to create a brick look. You could use brick stencils or use painter’s tape to create the brick pattern. Then, using white and various colors of red, you can give the illusion of exposed brick.


Decorate with distressed wood


Distressed wood is another decor element you can add to an industrial home decor style. You can get reclaimed wood from old barns or buildings to hang up to create that exposed beam look. Or, you could buy decor pieces that feature distressed wood.

For inspiration, look at this distressed wood bed frame for your bedroom. Pair this with some metal piping, dark paint color, and a white bedspread for an industrial look.


Change your color scheme


Another simple way to make your home look more industrial home style is a dark color palette. The industrial look has a darker color scheme. So, consider painting your walls an iron or charcoal gray. Dark browns work, too, and they add more warmth to the room. You could also paint your kitchen cabinets black or gray to make them look more modern and sleek.

You can also contrast these dark tones with some light accents. For a darker living room, try adding some light-colored cushions or throw blankets.

Red and yellow are great accent colors for an industrial home design style. The vibrancy of red pops against the darker hues. Yellow adds a bit of sunniness and warmth to a room.


Mix and match


Industrial home decor


The great thing about the industrial home decor style is how versatile it is. Many other modern design aesthetics have been born from this style. Farmhouse decor, for example, is simply a brighter more rustic version.

You can make this design your own. Adding a splash of color or a piece of art that makes you happy will complete the look.

You also want to layer the different design elements together. But, remember to keep it simple. Overwhelming the room with too many elements can create a cluttered look.

Metal, distressed wood, and brick look beautiful together. Don’t forget to use natural fibers, too, to style your look. Heavy fabrics with design details will contrast well with the other natural elements.

Also, geometric shapes create interest and add variety to this design style. You can even incorporate art deco-style pieces into your decor. These gold art decor art pieces would look stunning in an industrial home decor style.




Even if you do not live in a big city with an industrial-looking building, you can create this look. Small details make big impacts. The industrial home decor style is all about raw materials, simplicity, and functionality.

Try adding some metal accents, piping, and darker hues to your home. There are many ways to create a beautiful, modern industrial look in your home. Mix and match materials and decor pieces to get your perfect look.

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