The Future Of Farmhouse Modular Homes Has Arrived!

Sep 7, 2022

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The “La Bella Casa” – The Future of Farmhouse Modular Homes

The home tour of the day is a two story home value known as the “La Bella Casa.” This stunning farmhouse modular home was designed by Pennwest Homes and is made using high-quality materials. This tour today is a single story ranch style home with a touch of grandeur and intriguing interior decor. It has spacious space for family members to thrive.

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We visited Middletown Homes in Fairmont, West Virginia, and this was the modular home we toured that embodied this model. Pennwest Homes can build a similar structure elsewhere in MD, OH, PA, and WV.


Farmhouse Modular Home Floor Plan

farmhouse modular homes floor plan

The “La Bella Casa” by Pennwest Homes Features:

  • 1749 square feet of space
  • Three bedrooms
    • Master bedroom: 14ft 0in X 12ft 10in
    • Second bedroom: 10ft 8in X 12ft 10in
    • Third bedroom: 12ft 6in X 9ft 10in
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Beautiful Kitchen w/ 2 Ovens
  • Large Master Suite
  • Approximate Starting Price: $290,000
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The “La Bella Casa” – Farmhouse Modular Home Exterior

From the outside this is one of the coolest farmhouse modular homes I have ever seen. On the front of the home there are three gables that add so much character along with three variations of siding.

farmhouse modular homes exterior

The combination of board and batten, traditional vinyl and shake siding really give this home a pleasant pop of awesomeness.

As you work your way around to the back of the house, again, you will find several more windows and a door leading out of the back hall. This could be a great place to put a garage, which would face out towards the side of the home.

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Then moving your way around to the far side of the home, there is a giant window looking into the master bathroom.


 Inside This Farmhouse Modular Home

Stepping through the front door, you are greeted with a beautiful of all the main living spaces including: the living room, kitchen and beautiful dining room.

farmhouse modular homes living room

Immediately to the right of the front door is an open floor plan that extends into a spacious living room. There are two windows that look out the front of the property that provide a little bit of light.

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The room is spacious, enabling numerous possibilities to arrange furniture.

It also has a good spot on the back wall that would be perfect to add an entertainment center.


 The Kitchen

From the living room you can transition into one of the most beautiful kitchens that I’ve seen inside any farmhouse modular homes! In the middle sits a massive island with plenty counter space.

farmhouse modular homes kitchen

On the living room side there is space for a number of stools and on the opposite side is a plethora of cabinets and drawers. You will also fin a sink on this side of the island looking back towards the living room.

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Then hanging down over the top of the island there are also two extremely elegant pendant lights.

On either side of the island, up against the walls. you will find some great big built-ins with extra counter space. On the top of these built-ins there is some beautiful glass paned cabinets that allow you to display your finer dinnerware. Then on the bottom there are several more cabinets and drawers that you can store a whole number of things. 

Along the back wall, looking out towards the back end of the home, there is another large counter area with a beautiful tile backsplash and a gas range as well as a range hood.

Just below that, on either side of the range you will find 2 ovens. Talk about a chef’s dream! To the right-hand side of this counter is a floor to ceiling cabinet that also features a built-in microwave.

Then on the opposite end of this counter, is a great big refrigerator with plenty of… well let’s just say it is a gigantic refrigerator larger than any I have seen. 


The Utility Room and Pantry

Past the refrigerator you enter a small corridor, where you will find the back door that could either lead out onto a back porch or into a future garage. To the left you will find a beautiful barn door that opens to reveal an extremely large walk-in pantry. 

farmhouse modular homes laundry room

Then beyond that you walk into the utility room, which has a nice washbasin sitting just below a window as well as several built-ins that surround the washer and dryer hookups.

There is also a convenient laundry door that opens to reveal access into the master bedroom’s closet. I love this because it just makes it super easy to transport your clothes from your closet to the laundry room. 


The Dining Room

As you wrap around past the pantry, you come back towards the front of the home, where to the left-hand side of the front door you will find the dining room. The dining room is very beautiful, also sitting up towards the front of the house with plenty of windows.

farmhouse modular homes dining room

It features a beautiful, coffered ceiling as well as a nice rustic accent wall sitting right behind it. But my favorite thing in the dining room of course is the rustic light fixture hanging down over the top of a large dining room table. 


The Master Bedroom

Just past the dining room you will find the entrance into the master bedroom. The master bedroom also sits up towards the front of the home with several windows and is extremely large.

farmhouse modular homes master bedroom

It measures in at approximately 14ft 0in X 12ft 10in and has several opportunities to place both your bed as well as other furniture pieces throughout. Then, towards the front of the room, you will find the walk-in closet and towards the back of the room, is the entrance into the en-suite. 


The Master Bathroom

Now, when it comes to beautiful bathrooms, I have not seen very many farmhouse modular homes with bathrooms like this! This beautiful en-suite features an incredibly large double vanity with plenty of counter space along with three beautiful glass pane cabinets.

farmhouse modular homes master bathroom

On the opposite side of the bathroom is a beautiful, tiled walk-in shower and an elegant looking, standalone tub, sitting just below a large window. Finally, all the way at the back of the bathroom, is this stunning accent wall that matches the one in the dining room. There is also a little alcove for the toilet. 


The Secondary Bedrooms and Bathroom

Back across the house, in between the living room and the kitchen, is a hallway that leads back towards the secondary bedrooms. To the left-hand side, you will come to the second full bathroom, which has a single vanity, a toilet and a shower and tub combo. 

At the end of the hall, you will find the first bedroom, which sits up towards the front of the home. This is the larger of the two bedrooms measuring in at approximately 10ft 8in X 12ft 10in. It has several nice windows that provide plenty of natural light as well as a nice step in closet. 

farmhouse modular homes bedroom

The second of the two bedrooms sits towards the back of the home, and it is slightly smaller, measuring in at approximately 12ft 6in X 9ft 10in. However, it does have a larger closet as well as another window looking out towards the back of the home. 


Final Thoughts On This Farmhouse Modular Home

I love how unique the layout is compare to other farmhouse modular homes that we have toured. The kitchen is absolutely spectacular! I love the master bathroom too! Let us know what you think about this home in the comments!

Thank you so much for taking the time to go on this home tour journey with us! We hope you have a fantastic day and look forward to seeing your beautiful face in the next one!