The “Silver Creek” – The Best Modern Farmhouse For The Money!

Nov 10, 2022

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The “Silver Creek” – The Best Modern Farmhouse For The Money!

Move over “fixer uppers”! There’s a new modern farmhouse in town and it’s perfect for those of us who want all the character of a farmhouse, without any of the hassle (or price tag) that comes with renovations. The Silver Creek is definitely the best modern farmhouse for your money!

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While on a recent trip to Bloomington, Indiana we had the opportunity to stop in and say hello to the folks at Clear Creek Home! They had several incredible homes on display available to tour.

The “Silver Creek” was one of them and immediately drew me in! If you are interested in this home, it is available in several other states as well. Ritz Craft Modular Homes are available in IA, MO, IL, WI, MI, IN, OH, KY, TN, VA, WV, PA, NY, DE, MD, NJ, CT, MA, RI, NH, VT and ME.


Modern Farmhouse Floor Plan and Pricing

modern farmhouse floor plan

The “Silver Creek” by Ritz Craft includes:

  • 1628 Square Feet
  • Three Bedrooms
    • Master Bedroom:14ft 11.5in X 12ft 6in
    • Second Bedroom: 9ft 9in X 11ft 9in
    • Third Bedroom: 9ft 9in X 11ft 9in
  • Two Bathrooms
  • Large Covered Porch
  • Open Concept Floor Plan
  • Unfinished 2nd Floor
  • Deluxe Master Bathroom
  • As Toured Price Is Approximately: $283,000 with options shown
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Modern Farmhouse Exterior

The outside of this stunning cape cod style modern farmhouse has that quintessential farmhouse look, with the white board and batten siding and the beautiful black frame windows.

On the front of this house is a large, covered porch with plenty of room for a few rocking chairs or other outdoor kinds of loungey activities. There are several windows peering out to the front of the home from the living room to the master bedroom as well as both secondary bedrooms.

modern farmhouse exterior silver creek

Sitting on the second floor are two nice dormers that really give the home a little bit of extra curb appeal.

As you work your way around to the back of the home you will find a couple more windows coming out of the utility room as well as the master bathroom. In the middle there is a large sliding glass store which leads out from the dining room. Here would be a great spot to put a nice large deck or a little patio area to extend the overall living space of the home.

As you move around to the left-hand side of the home, you will find a doorway that leads out of the utility room. Here would be a great spot to add a nice garage or a covered carport and really beef up the overall curb appeal of the home. 


Modern Farmhouse Interior

As you step inside of this gorgeous modern farmhouse floor plan, you are immediately greeted with open views of the living room, kitchen, and the dining room. 


The Living Room

The living room sits on the front side of the home and has a spacious layout with plenty of room to put several pieces of furniture. The two large windows at the head of the living room really provide a tremendous amount of natural light.

ritz craft modern farmhouse living room

Couple that with the unique light fixture that doubles as a fan here in the living room, and it is one heck of a space. The floors are all nice big vinyl plank floors which really give the home a rustic feel as well. 


The Kitchen and Dining Room

From the living room you can easily transition into the kitchen. The kitchen has an open and airy feel about it with plenty of cabinets that wrap all the way around it.

ritz craft modern farmhouse kitchen

On the right-hand side of the kitchen is a towering cabinet that acts as your pantry. Next to that you will find the stove as well as a built-in microwave sitting just above it.

The home features quartz countertops that wrap around in an “L” shape all the way over to the sink. The sink has a nice window sitting just above it, looking out into, what hopefully, would be a gorgeous setting.

In the middle of the kitchen, you will find a nice big island with seats on the living room side and plenty of cabinets and drawers on the kitchen side. It is decorated with beautiful legs on one end. I thought this would be a great spot if you had a pet! You could put their dishes here and it would be out of the way. 

To the left-hand side of the kitchen, you will find your dining room. Again, another nice sized space with plenty of room for a large dining room table.

ritz craft modern farmhouse dining room

There is a nice wall that backs up to the stairwell going up to the second floor. This would be a great spot to put some cabinetry or a buffet style table and display some of your finer dinnerware. At the back of the dining room there is a sliding glass door that would lead out onto a nice back deck or patio area. 


The Second Floor

Next to the dining room is the stairwell that leads up to the second floor. The second floor is currently unfinished, but it does have a lot of room to work with as it spans the length of the home.

All the dormers on the 2nd floor are also usable spaces. So, you can have some nice little reading areas or just some cool little nooks in each room. 


The Secondary Bedrooms and Bathroom

Back downstairs, walking past the dining room, you will find a small doorway that sits just underneath the stairwell. This would be your staircase down into the basement. That is if you had this home put on a basement type foundation. If you did not, then you have some extra storage space on the main level. 

Entering further down this hallway, you will come to the secondary bedrooms as well as the first full bathroom.

ritz craft modern farmhouse bedroom

The two bedrooms sit on the front side of the home and are mirror images of each other. They both face out towards the front of the home and measure in at approximately 9ft 9in X 11ft 9in.

There is plenty of space in the rooms to add a nice-sized bed, as well as, a nightstand or two, and a dresser. Each of them also has a nice step-in closet that sits on the hallway side of the bedroom. The closets offer plenty of room for your clothes or other types of storage. 

ritz craft modern farmhouse bathroom

Across the hall from the two bedrooms, you will find the first full bathroom. This bathroom features a single vanity, a toilet, and a shower and tub combo. 


The Laundry Room

At the end of the hallway, you will come to the utility room. The utility room features washer and dryer hookups as well as several large closets.

ritz craft modern farmhouse laundry room

Within the utility room you will also find the side door which could lead out into a future two car garage. I get a lot of people talking about where to place their freezer and while this home does not have any room here in the utility room, if you did get a garage, that would be a great spot for your freezer. 


The Master Bedroom

Back across the house, sitting in between the living room and the kitchen, is the doorway that leads into the master bedroom. The master bedroom sits on the front side of the home and measures in at approximately 14ft 11.5in X 12ft 6in.

ritz craft modern farmhouse master bedroom

It has plenty of space for a large king-sized bed, as well as, dressers, nightstands and maybe even a sitting area. It has a nice big window that provides plenty of additional light. Overall this room is the perfect sanctuary after a long grueling day of work. 


The Master Bathroom

At the back of the master bedroom, you will find the entrance into the ensuite. The ensuite is quite magnificent with a large double vanity, as well as, some nice vanity lights right as you enter.

ritz craft modern farmhouse master bathroom

As you move towards the back of the ensuite you will find a gorgeous walk-in shower that wraps around and reminds me of a grotto. It has a nice tile surround too. I would just like the overall feel of open yet private.

Also, towards the back of the ensuite you will find the water closet. And finally, like a cherry on top of a delicious ice cream sundae, the closet! It is a great big walk-in closet with plenty of room for all the clothes that you could want. 


Final Thoughts on This Modern Farmhouse

So, what is the verdict? Is the Silver Creek the best modern farmhouse for the money? In my opinion, it most certainly is! The exterior and interior are both stunning, and it has all of the amenities that you could want in a home. Not to mention, the price is unbeatable! If you’re looking for a beautiful new home that doesn’t break the bank, be sure to check out the Silver Creek.

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