The Top Energy-Efficient Features of Highland Homes in Austin

Apr 3, 2023

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The Top Energy-Efficient Features of Highland Homes in Austin


It’s important to save energy both for the environment and your wallet. Highland Homes was awarded the 2015 Energy Star Certified Homes Market Leader award. They pride themselves on providing energy-efficient features. So, if you are looking to build in the Austin, Texas area, this company is worth checking out.

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On average, Highland Homes customers save over $100 a month on energy bills. This is due to Highland Homes’ commitment to sustainability. Their building techniques, energy-efficient appliances, and smart technology make their homes eco-friendly.

If you are committed to green living, check out Highland Homes. They have many top energy-efficient features in their builds in Austin, Texas.


Energy-saving construction


Energy-efficient construction


The moment construction begins, Highland Homes commits to energy efficiency. From the irrigation of the land to the airflow in the attic, every part of the home is curated for green living. Each step of the construction works together with the others to build a home that has modern sustainability in mind.


Purposeful Irrigation


The communities in Austin have irrigation systems that conserve water. These zoned irrigation systems use water more efficiently. They target specific areas that need water without wasting it.

They also have automatic rain sensors that detect rainfall. These help the irrigation systems know if an area was watered sufficiently. This helps keep from overwatering and wasting this precious resource. It also keeps you from having either an overwatered or underwatered lawn.


High-performance windows


Energy-efficient home builder


Highland Homes install high-performance windows into every home they build. These windows bring character to the home with their beauty. But, they also bring lots of natural sunlight in to help save on lighting.

These windows further promote green living with their efficiency. The vinyl windows are sealed securely to avoid leaking. They provide ample sunlight and warmth without overheating a space in summer. In winter, they still allow light without leaking too much cold air.


Top Notch Insulation


A well-insulated house keeps cold air in during summer and keeps cold air out during winter. The quality of insulation makes a big difference in the temperature inside your home.

Highland Homes installs top-notch insulation. This works in tandem with your HVAC system. It helps to reduce the loss of hot or cool air throughout the year. This helps to keep your home at the perfect temperature.

Adequate insulation is also essential in noise control, so play your music loud if you want to. With this energy-efficient design, you don’t have to worry about hearing your neighbors. And, they don’t have to worry about hearing you.


Heat Radiant Roof


Radiant barrier roof decking is a roofing method for energy efficiency. It is where the carpenter takes a piece of plywood with a sheet of aluminum on one side, which faces down. On top of that, they apply felt and shingles.

This roofing method reduces radiant heat transfer. It also increases the life of your HVAC system. And, it lowers the attic temperature by around 30 degrees Fahrenheit. As you know, this can make a big difference in how the upper levels of your home feel. So, you don’t have to worry about having a super hot second floor during the summer.

Each home built by Highland Homes has this head radiant roof decking. This method is paired with loads of attic ventilation. Airflow is another key to energy efficiency. When air is allowed to flow better through the home, each room is cooled or heated better.

These construction practices help lower utility costs and provide a home with sustainability.


Energy-efficient appliances


Kitchen with Energy-efficient Appliances


Highland Homes use eco-friendly practices in their construction. But, they also add them to the home when they complete the finishing touches. This company installs HVAC systems, appliances, and fixtures that support green living.


HVAC systems


One of the biggest problems with HVAC units is that builders will go for the cheapest option. When they do this the HVAC is often not the right size for the home. A unit that is improperly sized will not fully cool or heat the home.

Highland Homes install properly sized HVAC units. This provides comfortable cooling and heating throughout the home.

In addition, these HVAC systems are long living. Paired with the energy efficiency of the construction, you get more out of your HVAC.

This will save you money both from month to month and in the long run.


Energy Star Appliances


They didn’t get an award for being a leader in energy efficiency for nothing. Highland Homes installs certified Energy Star appliances in every home. The home is packed with the most eco-friendly appliances on the market

The ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, and ranges all have an Energy Star rating. You can feel safe knowing that your Highland Home has appliances built for sustainability.


LED light bulbs


Highland Homes w/LED light bulbs


All non-decorative light fixtures in a Highland Home have LED light bulbs. LED light bulbs use energy much more efficiently than other light bulb types. They also require less wattage to produce light.

These bulbs last longer. They also generate less heat than traditional bulbs. Less heat means, less work for your HVAC system to combat the radiant heat from the bulbs.This saves you money on your electric bill.

They are also better for the environment by using less energy to produce the same effect as incandescent and fluorescent bulbs.


Water saving homes


Highland Homes doesn’t just save you money on your electricity. They also strive for water sustainability.

The sinks have low-flow faucets, which reduce your water usage throughout each cycle. Many of the homes also feature low-flow toilets that use half the water of a regular toilet. These simple switches promote green living. You will use less water, which is especially important during summer when water is a precious commodity.

In addition, Highland Homes also install tankless water heaters. These state-of-the-art systems only heat water as you need it saving you energy. They also last longer than regular hot water heaters, saving you money in the long run. Another perk of a tankless water heater is how compact they are. They take up little space and look less unsightly than your typical water heater.


Smart technology


Finally, you can manage your energy usage with the smart technology used in Highland Homes. For example, each home is equipped with a smart thermostat.

You can program these to change temperatures when you are not home. This helps to save energy on heating and cooling your home. By reducing the temperature a few degrees during your absence, you can save a lot of money. Then, schedule the thermostat to resume your comfortable temperature when you are home.

Smart Technology also gives you the option to manage your temperature from an app. This way you can adjust the temperature remotely.




All and all, Highland Homes promotes green living and energy-efficient features. From the moment they construct their new home to the finishing touches, they choose sustainability. Their building practices are energy efficient. Each step of the construction is thoughtful about energy consumption.

Then, as they furnish the interior, they continue to make eco-friendly choices. The appliances, water solutions, and smart technology all work to make this energy conscious. If you want a home that is better for the environment and your utility bill, Highland Homes have great options in the Austin area.

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