The Top Home Design Trends for 2023: Predictions and Inspiration

Feb 5, 2023

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 Home Design Trends for 2023: Predictions and Inspiration

It is hard to believe a new year is already here! You may look around your home and feel you need a change. For years, open floor plans and gray palettes have reigned.

Based on current trends, it seems home decor ideas are shifting.

The 2023 home design trends will embrace some old and some new. It will emphasize separating rooms and adding more vibrant colors. There will be a focus on bringing nature indoors. The decor will also include geometric shapes and curves.

The following 2023 home design trends will spark your creativity. Here are some predictions and inspiration for your new year.


What inspired these 2023 Home Design trends?

The most saved, pinned, and tagged designs help designers know what is popular. So far, the following 2023 home design trends are the most requested. Many of these trends are direct results of people working from home.

People are ready for a change. For months, people conducted school, work, and daily living in the kitchen, dining room, and den. Now, they want rooms with a little more separation. This leads to an emphasis on more natural lighting to break up the close quarters.

Homeowners have stared at the same gray walls for years now. These drab walls need some vibrant colors to freshen them up. Also, the harsh edges are not cozy. Families need comfortable, functional furniture pieces.

Boho and rustic aesthetics are popular right now. These aesthetics emphasize more natural materials. These 2023 home design trends have incorporated this concept.

Also, it is the twenties again—no, not the Roaring Twenties. This is a new and improved Art Deco style. The 2023 version is less about volume and more about quality.

Whether you are building a new home or need an update, add these top 2023 home design trends to your decor.


#1 Separate spaces in your 2023 home design

Open-concept floor plans were a home design trend for years. Yet, people requested a change from designers this year. They want to create more separation between the kitchen, the dining room, and the living room.

You may see walls separating these rooms in future floor plans. Still, this does not mean that this 2023 home design trend will have cramped and cut-off spaces. The flow between rooms is essential to any home design.

With rooms more closed-off, home designers will need natural lighting. Decorate with fewer pieces to avoid areas appearing cramped.

Rearrange the furniture in your home to create a closed feel.

Create the impression each room is its own space. Give each area a focal point or add an area rug to bring a sense of closeness. You do not need walls to create closed-off spaces. You can use larger pieces of furniture to separate one room from another.

If you do not have a wall to separate your rooms, you can use bookshelves. Try these bookshelves to create separation.

You can also check out these room dividers to recreate this 2023 home design trend.


#2 2023 Home designs feature vibrant color

Monochromatic gray palettes have been popular. But after years of dull wall colors, people are ready to start a 2023 home design trend: vibrant colors. Greens, blues, and warm orange tones are on the rise.

People are painting their cabinets sage and light blue this year. They are also adding tile or backsplashes with these vibrant hues.

The colors pair well with many textures and natural materials.

If repainting does not fit your budget this year, try adding colorful decor pieces.

Changing your curtains will give your space more vibrancy. Check out these sage curtains for this 2023 home design trend.

You could also add art with vibrant colors. Rugs and throws are another great way to add a splash of color to a monochromatic palette. This year is about experimenting with color.


#3 Add nature to your 2023 home design

Adding natural touches to your indoor home design is a trend that has been popular for a few years now. In 2023, home design trends bring nature into your home. This will be in both pattern and material.

Unfinished wooden cabinetry made of white oak or walnut is on the rise. Vanities, bookshelves, and kitchen islands will feature wood. Bamboo, cork, and other natural wood finishes will be on chairs, sideboards, and beds.

Stone is back in with marble and granite countertops adding a rustic feel to this trend in home design.

home design trends 2023

Inserting nature into your decor isn’t isolated to natural materials. Natural patterns are trending, as well. Leaves and floral prints allow the outdoors in.

Add a bit of nature to your decor with artificial or live plants. You can also add artwork or rugs with floral prints. There are also some lovely vases, signs, and even hand towels you can add for a pop of nature.

These black bee pillowcases on burlap would be perfect for accents in a living room. You can also try out these adorable faux succulents.

To add more wood to your decor, include wooden shelving or tier trays. These framed cork art pieces match this 2023 home design trend.


#4 Modern Art Deco is a 2023 home design trend

The 1920s were over 100 years ago, but the 20s of yesterday are back today. The 2023 home design trends are leaning towards an Art Deco revival with a modern twist.

Art Deco design contains geometric shapes with bold textures and colors. The 2023 version will be much subtler. The modern art deco design will focus on one or two bold pieces rather than several. Jewel tones, velvets, and geometric designs are staples of this design.

You can add Art Deco style to your home by including accents with geometric designs. This can be artwork, pillows, vases, clocks, and even door knob handles.

Many of these accents feature gold embellishments. Check out this vanity tray sure to be a 2023 home design trend.

This burnt orange pillowcase is another way to add that Art Deco flair.

Geometrically shaped mirrors also add Art Deco style to your home.


#5 New 2023 home design trends embrace curves and comfort

In contrast to the slimmer designs, furniture pieces will embrace curves. The move toward more natural materials lends itself to this home design trend. Art Deco has heftier materials and forms, so its revival inspires this 2023 home design trend.

Stone tops on wooden tables and rounded features on sofas will be in style. The curvy designs will accentuate the geometric shapes.

home design trends

You can bring more curves into your trendy home design with pieces to sit on your tables and shelves. You can add curves with artwork, patterns, and spherical furniture pieces.

Here are some curved black and white ceramic vases to add to an entryway table to follow this 2023 home design trend.

These knot ball cushions are also a fabulous addition.

Also, you could add faux hanging moss balls. You can place them in a dish on your coffee table for a pop of color.



The 2023 home design trends focus on cozy spaces. Open floor plans are out. Vibrant colors, natural materials, geometric shapes, and curves are in.

This year, the design will be a mixture of rustic and Art Deco.

With some simple additions to your existing decor, you can add a little 2023 flair to your home design.

Still, do not be afraid to design your home with your own unique style. A happy home design is the best design.

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