This Is The Best Tiny House Design Ever

Dec 4, 2021

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The tiny house design featured in this tour is the “Meadowview Loft” by Platinum Homes shown at Recreational Resort Cottages. This home is a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom, 399 sqft layout. It has a cute little loft for extra living space or storage, a very roomy porch with a fireplace.

The outside of this tiny home has one of the most unique designs, with its rustic pillars, gorgeous wrap around porch and the stunning multitude of blue siding varieties, all tempting you to take a gander. Up on the porch, towards the front of this tiny house, you will notice a lovely gas fireplace. This to me is the highlight of this home. Could you picture yourself in the mountains somewhere just hanging out for hours out there?

tiny house designs

As you walk into this charmingly designed tiny house, you will notice a living room space that sits below a loft. The living room is a nice size for a tiny house and even has room for you to but an entertainment center and tv. Tucked eloquently under the loft is the bedroom with neat sliding closet doors on either side of a built in dresser. The bedroom also has one of the two access points to the bathroom.

tiny house designs

At the front of the home opposite the loft and bedrooms lies the kitchen. There are some amazing designs at play in this tiny house kitchen that make the space extremely functional, such as the roll able island. While you are working about the kitchen you can move the island out of the way to provide even more space. The sink is conveniently locate underneath the window looking out to the front part of the porch at the fireplace, which allows you to crack a window and never miss out on the fun!

tiny house designs

This is by far one of my favorite tiny house designs and one of the best tiny house designs maybe ever! Let me know your thoughts!