Deer Valley Homes’ “Aimon” Is The Best Manufactured Home Ever!

Jan 23, 2022

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Deer Valley Homes’ “Aimon” Is The Best Manufactured Home Ever!


The Aimon by Deer Valley Homes is sleek, modern, and downright amazing! Located at Oasis Homes in Augusta, Georgia, it boasts 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in a 1980 square feet layout. Not to mention a back porch big enough for a minibar or grill with room to spare. Deer Valley Homes are available in AL, AR, FL, GA, IL, IN, KY, LA, MS, MO, OK, SC, TN, TX, and WV.

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This model has a homestead feel to it thanks to rustic wooden accents and the fireplace in the living room. However, it also seems modern with its stainless steel appliances and open space. And the kitchen has all the room you need to prepare a feast, complete with white marble countertops and an impressive island.  


Price + Floor Plan


aimon floor plan


The “Aimon” by Deer Valley Homes includes:

  • 1980 Square Feet
  • Three Bedrooms
    • Master Bedroom:18ft 6in X 15ft 0in
    • Second Bedroom: 11ft 0in X 15ft 0in
    • Third Bedroom: 11ft 0in X 15ft 0in
  • Two Bathrooms
  • Large Back Porch
  • Luxurious Master Suite
  • Open Layout Design
  • Price Approximately $255,000

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“Aimon” by Deer Valley Homes Exterior


Deer Valley Homes did a really great job of setting the “Aimon” apart from other manufactured homes. I love the contrast in the colors between the vinyl siding and the wood accents.  It really gives the home a nice rustic feel. The exterior exudes so much charm and character, I can’t wait to show you the inside of the home!

“Aimon” by Deer Valley Homes Interior


Walking Through the Front Door


After walking through the front door, you’ll come into the home’s beautiful living room. One of the first things you’ll notice is how spacious this area is. And thanks to large windows on both the near and far walls, the whole room receives plenty of pleasant natural light.


deer valley homes living room


The living room also features a stunning wood-coffered ceiling. With their dark color and striking grain, the ceiling beams add character to the home. Their rustic appearance further reinforces that cozy, homestead vibe.  

A gas fireplace with a stately stone façade is off to the left side. And above it is a wooden mantle perfect for supporting a TV or some family photos. From the living room, you can see the gorgeous kitchen to the left and the back porch straight ahead. Meanwhile, off to the right is the door to the master suite. 

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The Kitchen


After walking in from the living room, you’re sure to fall in love with the kitchen. It comes with a stunning white marble countertop with black accents. Not to mention the exquisite stone tile backsplash.  

The stainless sink also has a window behind it overlooking the back of the home. And the top-quality appliances, including a dishwasher and refrigerator, have matching steel finishes.  


deer valley homes kitchen


The cabinetry is just as excellent. The white finish and black cabinet pulls perfectly complement the countertop. And the soft-close mechanism on the drawers means that you don’t have to worry about any loud slamming. 

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The island is especially amazing. In addition to its impressive size, it has a stunningly beautiful and naturally discolored wooden top. It adds the perfect splash of contrast against the kitchen’s white, black, and steel accents. 

Off to the right side of the kitchen is a delightful dining area that gets plenty of natural light from the surrounding windows. From there, you can access the back porch as well. Heading to the other side of the kitchen reveals a utility room for housing your washer and dryer. It comes with extra space for storage and a convenient side door leading directly outside. 


The Bedrooms  


Attached to the kitchen is a small self-contained hallway leading to two bedrooms. A full bathroom can be found here too, located conveniently just outside the bedroom doors. Both 11’0”x15’0” bedrooms have soft carpet and come with closets opposite their windows. The closets are surprisingly spacious and have shelves for additional overhead storage. 

The bedrooms we toured featured jacobean-colored top and bottom trim matching the ceiling beams. Still, you could easily swap these out if you prefer a different color. Thanks to the hallway putting two doors between them and the rest of the home, both rooms feel surprisingly private. They also each have a window facing towards the front of the property. 

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The Back Porch


After walking out of the hallway and into the kitchen area, the back porch is to your right. 


aimon deer valley mobile homes


The accent walls surrounding it feature beautiful wood with eye-catching grain. They perfectly complement the coffered ceiling and wood panel flooring. Not to mention further adding character and uniqueness to the space. 

Once you head out, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how roomy the porch is. It continues the home’s motif of natural wood with its flooring and two rustic columns. And the simple but elegant metal railing further enhances this vibe. 

There’s plenty of space to set up a grilling area or even a minibar. So if you plan on having summer get-togethers, this is the perfect place to hang out and relax. 

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The Master Suite


The master suite, located on the right side of the home, is nothing short of spectacular. 


deer valley homes bedroom


This bedroom is a spacious 18’6”x15’0” in size and has two windows facing the back of the home. Both the ceiling and carpeted floors have the appealing jacobean trim found in the rest of the house.  

Incredible as the bedroom is, the master bathroom might be the real show-stopper. It features a vanity on both sides of the room, with an exquisite shower in the center. The shower itself is surrounded by beautiful tiling and has plenty of room to move around in. 


deer valley homes bathroom


To the left and the right of the bathroom door are deep closets with plenty of room. Additionally, you’ll find a linen cupboard next to one of the vanities and an extra walk-in closet at the back of the room.  

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The back of the bathroom also has two windows, allowing natural light to illuminate this elegant space. It’s so luxurious that you may have trouble leaving it.


Conclusion For Deer Valley Homes “Aimon”


The “Aimon” model by Deer Valley Mobile Homes has all the charm and comfort you could ask for and more. With its balance of rustic and modern accents, it manages to capture the best of both worlds. Not to mention how spacious and open all the rooms feel. 

If you’re in the market, you can’t beat this exquisite mobile home. It’s the perfect place to enjoy warm days on the back porch and cool nights huddled around the fireplace.