This Modular Log Cabin Shouldn’t be Ignored!

Apr 1, 2022

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Can’t Ignore This Modular Log Cabin Design!

Ohio is home to some of the best modular log cabin builders around. Buckhorn Builders, located in Millersburg, OH is no exception. Over time Buckhorn has evolved from solid log cabins, to pole barns, to remodel construction work, to where they are today: One of the premiere modular log cabin builders.

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Currently Buckhorn has five log home models and also specializes in custom built log homes. Today we are touring the “Sunset Ridge” and it is definitely my favorite Ohio Log Cabin to date!

Floor Plan + Home Specs

The “Sunset Ridge” by Buckhorn Builders as toured contains:

  • 1170 Square Feet
  • Two Bedrooms
    • Master Bedroom – 12ft 2in X 14ft
    • Second Bedroom – 12ft 2in  11ft
  • Two Bathrooms
  • Covered Front Porch
  • Laundry Room
  • Basement Option
  • Customizable Floor Plan

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Modular Log Cabin Exterior

Ohio Log Cabin exterior

The “Sunset Ridge” is the quintessential modular log cabin. The front has a huge exposed wood truss over the adorable front porch with log railings and spindles. Around the base of the home is layered stone, which transitions to beautiful log siding. My favorite feature about the exterior of the home is the red tin roof.

Modular Log Cabin Interior


The first stop in this home is the entry way.  Coming into the home you are greeted with a beautiful open floor plan. You enter into a cute foyer area with a half wall separating it from the living room.

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There is also a coat closet and a nice pendant light hanging above. From the foyer, you can see all of the other common areas of the home, which is really great because it makes the space feel so much  more open. Throughout the home there is gorgeous wood paneling on the walls and ceiling. I love the different tones in the wood on the walls, it really gives it a bit of depth and dimension.

Living Room

The living room is just past the foyer and again, I just love the paneling that Buckhorn Builders used.

Ohio Log Cabin living room

In the corner of the living room is a beautiful fireplace with wood surround and hearth. It’s nice that it is a different type of wood with a slightly different finish to it because it really draws the eye to it. Next to the fireplace is a long set of windows that lets in tons of natural light.

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Kitchen/Dining Area

The dining area is a surprisingly large and can fit a pretty big dining room table that could seat about eight people. At the back of the room is the back door that would lead out to the porch or deck.

Ohio Log Cabin dining room

Next to the dining room, is the have the kitchen. There is a cabinet lined island with plenty of room for storage on one side and room for stools on the other. The main section of the kitchen across from the island has a beautiful set of wood cabinets that match the colors of the walls and floor really well.

Ohio Log Cabin kitchen

There is also a double stainless sink and I have to say, I love the fixtures they used in the model. The faucet is a dark bronze and there is a pendant light above the island and a chandelier above the dining room table that are black. It adds a touch of rustic modern style to the home.

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Master Suite

The master suit is a really cozy room. It has that same wood paneling on the walls and hickory flooring.  The ceiling in the master has a white wash finish and it really gives the room a brighter look. There are recessed lights on the far side of the room, which is you choose to put your bed there, they would provide excellent reading light.

Ohio Log Cabin bedroom

You are greeted with a large sliding barn door as you make your way into the master bathroom. The bathroom is really beautiful with it’s double vanity and shiplap walls. I like how the whitewash in the master helped transition to the bathroom, which is not quite as rustic as the common areas of the home.

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There is a nice size walk in shower across from the vanity. The master closet is just beyond the shower. The builder has added a pocket door used to sperate the bathroom from the closet.

Ohio Log Cabin bathroom

Second Bedroom and Bathroom

Back across the home is the second bedroom and bathroom. The bathroom is the first stop down this hallway is the bathroom. This bathroom has the same wood paneling as the rest of the home. There is a single vanity and a shower/tub combo in this bathroom and is actually quite roomy!

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The next stop is the guest bedroom. It is a good size bedroom, especially for being a second/guest room and again, is super cozy.  The walls are the same paneling and it really never gets old.  I could stare at any room with the natural wood paneling and be completely content. The room has a small closet. It also has a few windows that are spaced out.

Utility Room

The last, and final stop on this tour is the utility room. There is plenty of room for a side by side washer dryer hookup along with access to the backyard/deck.

What did you think about this home? What is your favorite Ohio Log Cabin?