This One of a Kind Modular Home has the Best Kitchen Yet!

May 8, 2022

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This One of a Kind Modular Home has the Best Kitchen Yet!


If you are looking for the best modular or manufactured home in or around North Carolina, definitely check out Down East Homes. They have several locations that are full of model homes to tour. The “Blue Ridge Max Supreme 2” is an R-Anell modular home that is on display at the Greenville, NC location. This home has one of the best kitchen designs in a modular home I’ve seen!


Floor Plan + Details

North Carolina Modular floor plan

The “Blue Ridge Max Supreme 2″ by R-Anell Homes contains:

  • 1859 Square Feet
  • 3 Bedrooms
    • Master Bedroom: 15ft 4in X 12ft 10in
    • Second Bedroom: 14ft 1in X 10ft 6in
    • Third Bedroom: 10ft 6in X 12ft 10in
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • Utility Room

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This One of a Kind Modular Exterior


The “Blue Ridge Max Supreme 2” is a single-story ranch-style home. The front of the home is mostly finished with vinyl siding. On the front of the home, there are shake siding accents and white trim around the windows. The white shake siding and accents really make the home pop and look really nice.


North Carolina Modular home design

Modular Home Interior




Coming into the home you are greeted with a small foyer area. There is a cabinet and cabinet area across from the front. The foyer is open on both sides with the dining room to the right and the living room to the left.

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Living Room


The living room is to the right of the foyer and coming into it, you will find a nice open floor plan that brings the living room and the kitchen into one common living area. The living room is a really nice size.


North Carolina Modular home living room


There are multiple windows providing natural light as well as a natural wood accent wall. The accent wall really brightens up the room and gives it a little bit of rustic character.

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One of a Kind Modular Kitchen


The kitchen in this North Carolina modular definitely steals the show! Starting with the island (which is gigantic), there is seating for four on the far side facing the living room. I love the columns that lead from the counter base to the floor. They definitely give the island a lovely little extra pop. Then, working our way around the island we can see that there are outlets on both sides and finally on the kitchen side, it is lined with cabinets. You will also find a dishwasher and a giant stainless steel sink that has several compartments and neat features.


North Carolina Modular home kitchen


On either end of the island, against the walls, are matching built-ins. They both offer additional counter space and have even more upper and lower cabinets for more amazing storage.

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Moving our way to the heart of the kitchen, there are so many cool features that I almost don’t know where to begin! I really love the overall design and feel of this kitchen. There is so much room to move around and all of the appliances are spaced out so if you had multiple people in the kitchen you wouldn’t be on top of each other or in anyone’s way.

Starting at the end of the kitchen, there is a built-in microwave with tall cabinets above and below. Then moving down, there are two ovens with a stove-top range in between. There is so much counter space in this area for food prep. It really is a foodie’s dream kitchen. I also love the windows that you can gaze out while getting dinner ready or simply having morning coffee.

Just past the main counter space is the giant double-door refrigerator. It has cabinets above it and floor-to-ceiling cabinets next to it. There is plenty of room for any kitchen gadget you can imagine in this kitchen!


Utility Room


The utility room is located through the kitchen next to the refrigerator. There are matching cabinets and counters to those in the kitchen and there is a utility sink in there as well. At the back of the room are the hookups for the washer/dryer and the door leading to the backyard or patio. The best part about this room and it also rivals the best thing about this house with the kitchen, is the laundry pass-through.

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There is a cabinet that passes through the closet in the master bedroom so that you can move your laundry through to the utility room without having to carry it all the way through the house. I think this should be a feature for all houses! it is actually a pretty standard feature in a lot of R-Anell homes, so something to keep in mind 🙂


Dining Room


Heading back through the kitchen we pass through a corridor that leads to the dining room. There is a pantry/storage closet in the corridor that has a sliding door so that it doesn’t open and block the hallway. The closet is also large enough to walk into and is lined with wire shelving.


North Carolina Modular home dining room


Continuing through the corridor you enter the dining room. The dining room is a really nice and open area that is separated from the living room and kitchen by a sectioned partition wall.  There is plenty of room for a large table and a buffet table or a hutch and maybe even a small bar setup.

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Master Suite


The master suite is located off of the dining room, which is really nice because it allows for a little bit of privacy because it isn’t right next to any of the main areas of the home. The master bedroom is a huge room measuring at 15ft 4in by 12ft 10in. The walk-in closet is just around the corner when you enter into the room and it is also a nice size. At the rear of the closet is the pass-through cabinet to the utility room and the rest of the closet is lined with shelving and racks for hanging clothes.


North Carolina Modular home master


The master bathroom is located next to the closet. The master bathroom has a double vanity to the right when you first walk into the room. The cabinets and countertop match those in the kitchen and utility room. There are not only cabinets below and a ton of counter space, but there are three separate cabinets above with even more storage space. I love the frosted glass detail on the upper cabinets.


North Carolina Modular home bathroom


Opposite the vanity is the standup shower with a beautiful tile surround. Next to the shower is the soaking tub. I am not really a bath person, but give me a great big soaking tub and I will be there all day!

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Guest Bedrooms/Bathroom


The two guest bedrooms and second bathroom are back across at the other side of the house behind the living room. The first stop down the hallway is the full bathroom. It has a single vanity with the same matching counters and cabinets and a large vanity mirror above. There is also a shower/tub combo, toilet, and linen closet in the bathroom.


North Carolina Modular home bedroom


The two bedrooms are both a really nice size, although the one located at the front of the house is a bit larger. Both also have nice-sized closets in them. I do like that the front bedroom has a large double window that lets in lots of natural sunlight, but the back bedroom has more privacy. It’s really a toss-up between the two.

What did you think about the Blue Ridge Max Supreme 2? Do you agree that this North Carolina modular has the best kitchen? What would you change about the home?

Thank you all for touring this house with me! As always…I’ll see you in the next one 🙂