Tiny Ultra Modern Luxury Cabin Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen!

Jun 27, 2022

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Zook Cabins New Luxury Cabin


Zook Cabins is known for being one of the top modular log cabin dealers in the country.  We have toured several of their models before and all have been absolutely amazing. The “Rockwood” is a new type of home for Zook Cabins and when we heard about it, we were so excited to tour and share it with everyone. This tiny modern luxury cabin is stunning and unlike anything you’ve seen before!

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Luxury Cabin Price and Floor Plan


zook cabins Luxury Cabin park model floor plan

floor plan courtesy of zookcabins.com

The “Rockwood” by Zook Cabins contains:

  • 399 Square Feet
  • One Bedroom: 9ft 7in X 11ft 1in
  • One Bathroom
  • Six-foot deck that spans the front of the home
  • Natural Slate Shadow Flooring
  • All Light Fixtures, Ceiling Fans, Outlets, and Switches Included
  • Approximately $130,000 at the time of tour


Luxury Cabin Exterior


If you are a fan of modern-style homes, then this is the home for you! This 399-square-foot tiny home is exquisite inside and out.  The exterior of the home is covered in black-stained white pine siding with huge windows encasing the home.


zook cabins Luxury Cabin park model exterior


There is a six-foot porch at one end with an overhang that not only covers the entire porch but has recessed lights built in for lighting. The main entrance to the home is along the side with a smaller overhang above and stairs leading up to the door.


Luxury Cabin Interior


This home is not only modern in style but in functionality as well. Zook has done a really nice job of making the most out of the 399 square feet in this home.


Great Room and Kitchen


Coming in through the front door, you are greeted with the great room and kitchen.

I absolutely love all of the windows in this space. They aren’t quite floor-to-ceiling windows, but they are very close. These windows go all the way around the room and make the space feel so large and open. The flooring in the home is natural slate shadow flooring and the rich siding on the walls and ceiling are made of poplar and coated with a smoke stain.


zook cabins Luxury Cabin park model great room


At the back of the great room is a huge sliding glass door leading out to the porch. I think the porch is probably my favorite part of the home. I can just imagine sitting out there with a small fire looking out at the mountains (This would be my mountain vacation home) drinking a cup of coffee or tea. It would be complete perfection!


zook cabins Luxury Cabin park model kitchen


Back at the other end of the room is the kitchen area. There is a single row of bottom cabinets with an undermount sink in the middle of the lovely granite countertop. On the left-hand side of the cabinets, there is a small fridge located inside, and the cabinet on the right houses a 20-gallon electric water heater. Above the counter, there is an over-range microwave with a set of cabinets above that and some chunky wood shelving for dishes and appliances.

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To the left of the kitchen is the hallway leading to the bathroom and bedroom. The first stop is the bathroom. When first entering the bathroom, there is a single vanity with a vessel sink sitting on a granite countertop that matches the one in the kitchen.


zook cabins Luxury Cabin park model bathroom


Below the sink there is some shelving for towels and linens and above is a mirror with a modern double vanity light. Beyond the vanity, there is a toilet and a beautiful shower with floor-to-ceiling black tile and a rainfall shower head.

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Master Bedroom


The last stop on the tour is the master bedroom which is located at the rear of the home.  The back of the room has a really neat accent wall and the rest of the room has the same poplar siding as the living room. I really love the black trim around the windows in here as well as the super modern ceiling fan.


zook cabins Luxury Cabin park model master bedroom


The room, while compact, has enough space for a queen size bed and a small dresser and nightstand. One really cool thing about the home is that all of the light fixtures, ceiling fans, outlets, and switches are included when you buy the home. I feel like it’s worth it just for the ceiling fan alone 😉

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Final Thoughts On This Luxury Cabin


That sums up our tour of the Rockwood by Zook Cabins. I think they knocked this one out of the park and this luxury cabin is definitely at the top of my list of favorites. What did you think of the home? Do you like the modern style?

Thank you for touring with me today and as always…I’ll see you in the next one!