The Top 10 Wall Paint Colors for 2023: Expert Recommendations

Feb 22, 2023

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 Top 10 Wall Paint Colors Experts Recommend

Are you ready to freshen up your walls this year with new paint colors? Or, maybe you are getting your home ready to sell?

Either way, you may be wondering what wall paint colors are popular in 2023. We have compiled a list of the top colors of the year.

Read on to find out the top 10 wall paint colors for 2023 recommended by experts.


Wall paint color trends for 2023

Color trends for 2023 are emphasizing warmth. Neutrals and earthy tones are still popular among minimalists. But, there is a growing trend toward brighter hues, especially red tones. Greens and blues have been gaining traction, as well.

Your paint choice will need to coordinate with your existing decor and aesthetic. But, you can freshen up your home with a modern palette.

Many people are opting for brighter, warmer living and dining rooms. For kitchens, the trend seems to be going for greens and blues. Bedrooms tend to sport softer colors that promote relaxation.

Paint is such a fun way to refresh your home decor, so check out these top 10 wall paint colors for 2023.


#1 Behr’s Blank Canvas


This soft, creamy off-white color is a top wall paint color for 2023. This neutral color pairs well with any decor. It is especially beautiful in Boho or minimalist designs.

According to Behr, “Blank Canvas creates a welcoming atmosphere for entries and hallways.”

If you have a rental property or are prepping your home to sell, this color choice will make the place inviting.

You could decorate an entryway painted with Blank Canvas with a long, thin rustic table. Then, you could put simple ceramic vases with these neutral pampas grass arrangements.

Or, style a bedroom with this top wall paint color for 2023 with a burnt orange throw and some matching pillows. This will create a Boho chic look.


#2 Sherwin William’s Redend Point


This warm, medium clay color is reminiscent of a terra cotta planter. It has a pinkish-brown tint to it. This earthy tone pairs well with other neutral colors such as black, gray, or beige.

This top wall paint color for 2023 would look great with similar browns and tans.

It would look great in a living room, hallway, entryway, or bedroom. This is a calming, cozy color.

White makes this top wall paint color for 2023 stand out. Try styling it with modern white chairs such as these and pinkish-brown accents.


#3 Benjamin Moores’ Raspberry Blush


Raspberry Blush is a vibrant coral shade, with a hint of pink. It pairs well with ambient lightings and light accents, such as whites and beiges.

This wall paint color for 2023 makes a statement. The color is a bold choice, perfect for someone ready to brighten up a space.

The color is warm and expressive medium color. It will bring life and optimism to any room. Raspberry blush would look fantastic in a living room with long, linen curtains.

Add in some floral throw pillows to make this wall paint color pop.


#4 Valspar’s Green Trellis


Instead of selecting one color for their “color of the year,” Valspar has put out a 12-color palette. In the collection, five of the colors are either a green or greenish-blue hue.

These wall paint colors for 2023 would be perfect for a kitchen, bathroom, or sunroom.

Green Trellis is a sage green shade. Sue Kim from Valspar claims, “Tapping into the calming tones of nature, this hazy green brings the calm and liveliness we seek from the outdoors.”

This wall paint color would pair well with natural materials, such as wicker baskets.


#5 Valspar’s Blue Arrow


trending home paint color inspiration

Blue Arrow is a cool tone with warm undertones. It complements well with copper accents.

Try styling this top wall paint color of 2023 with natural lighting and wooden accents. These geometric wooden balls would look nice against this color on an entryway table.

The wall paint color would look great in a kitchen or entryway. It has yellow undertones, so it has a modern chic feel to it.


#6 Pantone’s Viva Magenta


If you want to make a bold statement with your paint color, Viva Magenta is the color for you. This color is powerful and rebellious.

It has strong red undertones, which compliments decor that features nature. Add plants and floral patterns into a room that features this color.

If you want the look of beautiful indoor plants in your Viva Magenta room, check out this faux palm.


#7 Dutch Boy’s Rustic Griege


For those of you wanting a safer color choice, Rustic Griege is the perfect neutral wall paint for 2023. It is a greyish-brown color with red undertones.

This color adds warmth to a room while giving it a cozy feeling. Rustic Griege could work in any room in the home. As with many of the other wall paint colors for 2023, Rustic Griege pairs well with natural elements.

It is an earthy tone perfect for rustic chic or farmhouse aesthetics.


#8 Glidden’s Vining Ivy


trending home color inspiration

Vining Ivy is a greenish-blue hue that follows the trend of bringing more nature to the home.

According to Gil Walsh of Gil Walsh Interiors,

Glidden’s Vining Ivy is an update on teal that is as bold as it is versatile. Sitting perfectly between a blue and a green, Vining Ivy toes the line between a jewel tone and a deep sea hue, making it an on-trend addition to contemporary designs or a refined pop of color for those with more traditional taste.”

This wall paint color of 2023 is a comfortable choice while also being bright and inviting.

It goes well in a kitchen or dining room. It’s a modern chic color that goes well with other earth-toned colors and accents.


#9 Graham and Brown’s Alizarin


Graham and Brown’s Alizarin is another ruddy-colored wall paint for 2023. It has hints of pink and terra cotta. This is a warm color, full of reds.

If you choose this earthy tone, you could pair it with natural materials and bold floral patterns.

This floral wallpaper would be the perfect complement to Alizarin.


#10 Dunn Edward’s Terra Rosa


Terra Rosa by Dunn Edwards is a rosy color. It is warm and elegant. This color brings vibrancy to any room.

It would be perfect against interesting architecture. It pairs well with white and wood finishes.

A splash of bold colors, like teal, could also bring out the beauty in this alternative shade to brown and burgundy.

You could use the wall paint color for 2023 is sure to make any living room or entryway impressive. It is a lovely choice with rustic furniture such as this wooden nightstand.



The wall paint colors for 2023 are focusing on warmer, earthy tones. There are lots of pinkish hues that inspire coziness and feelings of comfort.

On the other side of the spectrum, we are also seeing some greens and greenish-blue tints. These cooler colors are optimistic and fresh.

All of these colors emphasize the beauty of nature and bring the outdoors inside. Whatever colors you choose for your wall paint this year will be sure to refresh your home. You can either go bold and rebellious or play it safer with a range of magentas to creamy whites.

No matter your style, these top 10 wall paint colors for 2023 are sure to inspire.

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