Truoba’s 12 Best Modern House Plans for 2022

Jan 8, 2022

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What Is A Modern Style Home Design

The modern style home design emphasizes low, horizontal structures that include large roof overhangs. One of the trademark features of this style of homes is that they tend to prominently feature large windows and glass walls. This allows more natural sunlight to enter the building.

Modern homes emphasize open floor plans while incorporating a mix of modern and traditional building materials. They use materials like concrete, steel, iron, and glass. Some modern house plans even use traditional materials to show off more the home’s beauty, such as wood, stone, and brick.

Purchasing pre designed house plans for your next home build is a great way to save time and money. Your builder can take these plans and expedite the construction process.

Here are 12 of the BEST Modern House Plans by Truoba 


modern home floor plan truoba class 115

1. Truoba Class 115

3 bedrooms – 2 bathrooms – 2300 SQFT

This floor plan features a beautiful open design that melds together with its outdoor spaces. The living area links seamlessly to the terrace with a beautiful outdoor fireplace taking center stage.

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modern home floor plan truoba class 119

2. Truoba Class 119

   3 bedrooms – 2.5 bathrooms – 2322 SQFT

This modern take on a cabin style home shows off its charm with a seamless transition between the interior and outdoor spaces. The exterior views flow in through the home and the high ceilings help enrich the living spaces with an abundance of natural daylight. A large, open living area brings the whole floor plan together. The main fireplace serves as an incredible focal point.

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modern home floor plan truoba 921

3. Truoba 921

   3 bedrooms – 2 bathrooms – 2055 SQFT

A farmhouse plan like this one provides a diverse interior layout to meet the needs of contemporary living. This home is divided into several functional zones, providing rooms for all kinds of events and family members.

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modern home floor plan truoba class 521

4. Truoba Class 521

   4 bedrooms – 3.5 bathrooms – 2742 SQFT

This house has a central living area and a dining area, with a kitchen conveniently located on the side. Located in the right-wing of the house is the master bedroom with a large bathroom and an open closet, providing peace, privacy, and the best views of the open lot. In additionthere are three bedrooms that can be easily converted into an additional home office or hobby room.

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modern home floor plan truoba mini 219

5. Truoba Mini 219

   2 bedrooms – 1 bathroom – 910 SQFT

The modern house floor plan you see here can be used to build an accessory dwelling unit or guest house in the backyard of your main residence. This house plan makes your interior and exterior seamlessly connected, extending your living space out into nature.

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modern home floor plan truoba class 520

6. Truoba Class 520

   4 bedrooms – 3.5 bathrooms – 2981 SQFT

Big and spacious, this modern house plan offers a flexible inside layout that works for modern living. House plans such as these are divided into several sections and offer ample space for all members of the family.

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modern home floor plan truoba mini 721

7. Truoba Mini 721

   2 bedrooms – 2 bathrooms – 1162 SQFT

The kitchen and great room are designed to flow seamlessly into one another. The living area leads to a covered porch that you can add screens to. The master bedroom is located away from the main living area to make it more private.

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modern home floor plan truoba class 316

8. Truoba Class 316

   3 bedrooms – 2.5 bathrooms – 2754 SQFT

There are a few different areas in this home, with the main living area featuring a double story ceiling that overlooks a second-floor studio, perfect for both communal activities and private activities. There is also a large master bathroom in the master bedroom, as well as a closet situated further away from the main bedroom area to provide privacy and sound insulation. Located parallel to the living area, the master bedroom offers stunning views of your modern home lot.  

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modern home floor plan truoba mini 118

9. Truoba Mini 118

2 bedrooms – 1 bathroom – 1000 SQFT

One of the small house plans in this collection that was designed in order to make the most of a small lot, to be used as a vacation home or a guest house. Through seamless connections between interior and exterior spaces, the character of modern houses is expressed. This design is flexible, and you can extend the rooms to have more space if necessary. You can also choose the exterior siding options that best suit your personality. A variety of exterior options are available, including wood, vinyl, metal, and shingle siding.

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modern home floor plan truoba class 519

10. Truoba Class 519

4 bedrooms – 3.5 bathrooms – 2890 SQFT

This four-bedroom house has an interior layout designed to meet the needs of modern living. There is a large living room area that connects to an outside deck, making it the ideal space for friends and family to gather. Furthermore, with its location on the left side of this modern house plan, the master bedroom offers you one of the most spectacular views.

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modern home floor plan truoba 218

11. Truoba 218

3 bedrooms – 2 bathrooms – 1628 SQFT

This modern house plan features a living room and a dining room in the right wing of the house with a kitchen on the side. Located in the left-wing of the house, the master bedroom is tucked away with a large bathroom and an open closet. This provides ample privacy and great views of the open lot.

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modern home floor plan truoba 118

12. Truoba 118

3 bedrooms – 2.5 bathrooms – 2415 SQFT

You’ll notice that this modern house design is great for contemporary living. This is achieved by a variety of layouts that you’ll find inside. Moving on to the left wing of this modern home, the master bedroom offers the most picturesque views of the open lot. It also provides privacy, which is very helpful for a busy household. Additionally, the second floor has two bedrooms and a bathroom, convenient for kids and guests.

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Do you love any of these beautiful modern house plans? If so, let us know which one or ones down in the comments.

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