Ultimate Guide To Crushing It On TikTok (2023)

Nov 23, 2022

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What Is All The Fuss About?

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, chances are you haven’t heard of TikTok. It’s the hottest app on the market right now and it’s taking over social media. But what is it exactly? Here’s a quick guide to help the uninitiated understand what all the fuss is about.

grow on tiktok

What is TikTok?

First off, let’s talk about why TikTok is so popular.

The app allows users to create short videos (usually 15-60 seconds) that they can share with friends and followers. They can also use music and special effects to enhance their videos and make them more entertaining.

The app also has an incredibly user-friendly interface, allowing users to quickly navigate between different sections of the app. That makes it easy for new users to get up and running in no time at all.

what is tiktok

Another reason why TikTok has become so popular is because of its wide variety of content. From funny skits to dance challenges, there’s something for everyone on this app!

This makes for a great way for people to unwind after a long day or just have some fun with their friends. Plus, since most of the content on TikTok is created by regular users like you and me, there’s always something new and interesting happening on this app!

Finally, one of the best features of TikTok is its discoverability algorithm. This algorithm uses machine learning techniques to surface content that it thinks you’ll find interesting based on your past activities in the app. So if you’re interested in makeup tutorials or challenge videos, then you’ll be sure to see more content related to those topics as you explore TikTok further!

Who Owns TikTok – the Most Popular App on Earth

It’s no secret that TikTok has been taking the world by storm. This Chinese-owned video-sharing social networking service is one of the most popular apps in the world, with millions of active users and billions of downloads. But who exactly owns TikTok? Let’s take a look.

ByteDance—A Chinese Company

TikTok is owned by ByteDance, a Beijing-based company founded in 2012. ByteDance creates technology that uses artificial intelligence to personalize content recommendations for its users across all its platforms, including TikTok.

In other words, they’re responsible for figuring out what kind of content you like, and making sure it shows up in your feed. ByteDance also owns other popular platforms such as Douyin (the Chinese version of TikTok), Toutiao (a news aggregator app) and Topbuzz (an AI-powered content platform).

The U.S. Government Is Involved

While ByteDance owns TikTok, the U.S. government has been trying to get involved with the company due to security concerns about data privacy and censorship practices within the app’s algorithm.

The Trump administration called for a ban on the app unless it was sold to an American company—which led to negotiations between Oracle and Walmart over a potential purchase deal with ByteDance that would give them majority ownership over the platform in America and Europe.

On September 18th 2020, Oracle and Walmart announced they had reached an agreement with ByteDance to become majority owners of TikTok’s US operations. This allowed them to keep their jobs here in America while staying compliant with US laws regarding data privacy and censorship practices within the app’s algorithm.

How to Make a TikTok in 5 Easy Steps

Have you been wanting to make a TikTok but are unsure where to start? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! With over 800 million monthly active users, TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms out there.

So, let’s get started with some tips and tricks so that you can make your own viral TikTok!

Step 1

Get Inspired – The first step to making any great TikTok is getting inspired. Think about what kind of content you want to create and how it will stand out from the millions of other videos out there.

get inspired to make a tiktok

Whether it’s funny clips from other videos, or something completely new, inspiration is key. Also take time to explore different trends on the platform so that you can see what types of videos have gone viral recently.

If you can’t come up with any ideas off the top of your head, here are the 3 Best Copy AI Apps ever! These programs can do a lot of different things, but they can also help with topic ideas, scripts and TikTok captions! So pretty handy!

Step 2

Record Your Video – Now that you have an idea for your video, it’s time to record it! Make sure that your lighting is on point and that your phone isn’t shaking too much (unless that’s part of your aesthetic).

how to make a tiktok

If needed, feel free to practice the video multiple times before recording it. You may also want to consider using a tripod if you don’t have steady hands.

Step 3

Add Music/Sounds – Once your video has been recorded, it’s time to add music or sounds. This is what makes a TikTok unique and memorable since many users browse through sound more than they search for specific content creators.

To make things easier for yourself, you can choose from the vast library of music available on the app itself. Or you can upload a song that isn’t listed in their library (just be sure not to violate any copyright laws!).

Epidemic Sound is who we use for all of our socials including TikTok. HUGE help when it comes to avoiding copyright claims and the music is on point!

Step 4

Edit Your Video – After adding music or sounds, start editing your video by trimming parts as needed and adding filters or effects if desired. You can also use the “speed up/slow down” feature if necessary.

how to edit a tiktok

Just remember that all these small tweaks can make a big difference when trying to create an attention-grabbing video!

Step 5

Post It & Share It – The last step is simple – share your creation with friends and family (or complete strangers) by posting it on TikTok! Be sure to include interesting captions and hashtags so that people can find your content easier. Additionally, try engaging with other TikTokers by leaving comments on their posts – this will help increase visibility for both parties involved! Conclusion:

Making a TikTok doesn’t have to be hard or intimidating; all it takes is five easy steps!

How to Get Followers on TikTok: Shaking it Up

How do you get followers on TikTok? Well, there are some tried and true tactics that have worked for many other users, so let’s dive in!

Creating Quality Content

The most important element of getting more followers on TikTok is creating quality content. That means making sure your videos are well-edited, engaging, and relate to a particular niche or theme that you can own.

Think about the type of videos you like to watch yourself and make sure your content stands out from the crowd in terms of creativity.

Don’t be afraid to take risks—it will pay off over time!

Hashtags Matter

Hashtags matter when it comes to getting noticed on social media platforms like TikTok. When creating a video, use hashtags that are relevant to your content and audience.

how to get followers on tiktok

This will make it easier for anyone searching those tags to find your video and follow along with you! Search around for popular hashtags related to your niche or topic and incorporate them into your posts to increase visibility.

Engage With Other Users

Engaging with other users is key when it comes to building a following. Commenting on other people’s videos and responding when someone comments on yours will show potential followers that you’re an active member of the community.

A few simple interactions can go a long way towards helping you build an engaged audience!

Getting followers on TikTok doesn’t have to be hard if you know what strategies work. Start by focusing on creating high-quality content and using relevant hashtags in your posts so they can be found by potential viewers easily.

Also remember that engaging with other users is key. Build relationships with them instead of just trying to get their attention. This will help you to start growing your following before you know it!

Get Rich Quick on TikTok? Not So Fast!

If you’ve been scrolling through TikTok and seeing ads for making money quickly and easily, you might be wondering if it’s really true. Can you really make money on TikTok just by posting videos or using certain hashtags?

The answer isn’t as simple as a yes or no.

Let’s explore the ins and outs of how to make money on TikTok.

How To Make Money On TikTok

Making money on TikTok is not an overnight success story and it does take some commitment. It may require some trial and error until you find what works for you, but there are many ways to monetize your account.

Paid To Promote

The most popular way to make money on TikTok is to become an influencer. This means that companies contact you directly to promote their products in exchange for payment after your posts go viral. You can also join influencer networks, which are platforms that connect influencers with brands looking for promotion opportunities.

Affiliate Marketing

Another way to monetize your content is by creating sponsored content for companies. This means that you reach out directly to the company. You can offer them a promotional post in exchange for payment or free products/services from the brand.

This could involve creating posts about the product itself or even creating tutorials featuring the product/service. Many companies have also started offering affiliate programs. This means they will give you commission when someone purchases their product through a link provided by you in one of your posts!

Making money on TikTok takes time, dedication, and creativity – but it can be done!

Whether it’s through becoming an influencer, creating sponsored content, or joining affiliate programs, there are lots of ways to monetize your account if you get creative and put in the effort required.

With a bit of luck and determination, who knows – maybe one day you can quit your day job!