10 Must-Have Scandinavian Textiles for Your Home

Apr 8, 2023

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Essential Scandinavian Textiles for Your Home


Looking to add warm, cozy textiles to your home? Scandinavian textiles are durable, beautiful, and warm. The quality-made textiles are perfect for any home.

You can add these natural fibers to any room in the house for a simplistic look.

If you want textiles that fit in with your minimalist design, find inspiration from these. We will check out 10 must-have Scandinavian textiles in this article.


What is a Scandinavian Textile?


Scandinavia is a region in northern Europe. It consists of Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. Historically, Scandinavian textiles were made from what could be found in the region. This included flax, wool, cotton, hemp, and nettle. Scandinavians made these items with the following qualities:

  • Practicality
  • Warmth
  • Natural themes
  • Repeating patterns
  • Geometric shapes
  • Light hues
  • Durability

These qualities made these textiles irreplaceable during the cold, long winters of Scandinavia. These Northern European peoples reflected their love of craftsmanship, nature, and simplicity in their style. These principles gave way to the Scandinavian design style.

Even if your home doesn’t follow the Scandinavian design style, you may still seek out these textiles. They are super cozy and well-made. So, let’s look at the 10 must-have Scandinavian textiles.


#1 Wool Blankets


Wool blanks for Scandinavian home decor


Nothing is cozier than a wool blanket. These thick blankets have some heft to them. When you get a Scandinavian textile, you want to make sure you’re getting one that is made with 100% natural fibers.

They will cost a little more upfront, but the blanket will last for a long time. These quality-made products are meant for longevity. Also, wool is a hypoallergenic material. If you are someone who sufferers from allergies, this is a good product for you.

Wool is also sustainable. They naturally biodegrade after about 6 months.

Many different companies make wool blankets. If you want to go for that Scandinavian design, look for wool blankets. Ones with neutral colors like beige, brown, cream, or white. You can also look for repeating geometric patterns or floral designs.

To style a wool blanket, you can drape it across a living room armchair or hang it on a blanket ladder. Wool blankets also look lovely at the end of a bed.


#2 Cotton Curtains


Cotton curtains for home design


The simplicity of the Scandinavian design makes patterns or colors in your design stand out. If you are looking to add a bit of color to your home design, linen curtains with a geometric design are a great choice.

There are many different patterns to choose from. The soft, cotton linen is thin but durable. They let in a lot of natural light. Another benefit of linen curtains is they don’t look heavy like other curtain materials. They hang, effortlessly around your window. Also, they’ll look super chic as they gently blow in the wind of an open window.

You can add these curtains to practically any room in the house for a touch of minimalism.


#3 Knitted Pillows


scandinavian home decor knitted pillows


It’s hard not to think of knitted materials when you think of Scandinavian design. The Scandinavians produce some of the most beautiful knitted sweaters. They also knit blankets and pillowcases.

There are a variety of Nordic knitted designs. They are beautiful and add texture. If you want to add this look to your home, consider knitted pillows. You can add these pillows to your bedroom as a finished touch or toss them on your sofa.

Either way, the knitted pillow’s simplicity will enhance your Scandinavian design.


#4 Sheepskin Rugs


Scandinavian home decor sheepskin rug


Sheepskin rugs are a natural, soft touch to any Scandinavian design. These furry pelts are hypoallergenic. Their asymmetrical shape creates interest, and the fur is absolutely lush to step on.

If you are against real sheepskin, there are many synthetic alternatives.

You can style these in a variety of ways. You can place one in front of a fireplace for a cozy place to sit in front of the fire for some added hygge. These rugs would also be sumptuous in a study or sitting room.


#5 Linen Table Runners


Scandinavian home decor linen table runner


Every room of the house can use Scandinavian textiles. For a dining room that is the epitome of minimalism, try linen table runners. You can get a neutral-colored table runner to contrast with a natural wood dining table.

These handcrafted textiles make your space look clean and spacious with their simplicity. You can finish off the look with a simple bowl of fruit or a vase with some cut flowers as a centerpiece.


#6 Flax Linen Bedding


Flax linen bedding


Linen is a term used to refer to many laundry items, but true linen is made from flax. Flax linen has many advantages over cotton. It dries faster, holds dye better, and conducts heat better than cotton.

For these reasons, flax linen bedding is ideal for summer bedding. Linen is porous, so it is breathable and cool. This helps your body better regulate its temperature at night. It also absorbs moisture better. This prevents your sheets from sticking to you as you sweat in the summer heat.

Flax linen bedding is thicker and more durable than cotton, so it will last you longer. Some people worry about it being scratchy. Flax linen does have more texture than cotton. Yet, high-quality linen will be softer than low-quality linen.

This type of bedding looks beautiful with little effort. Add some varying neutral-colored throw pillows. Drape a wool blanket across the end of the bed to create the perfect Scandinavian-design bedroom.


#7 Woven Pouf


scandinavian home decor knitted ottoman


For a textured, stylish addition to any living or sitting room, add a woven pouf. A pouf is like a stuffed fabric footstool. It can be used as additional seating or as a place to put up your feet.

You can get these poufs in either a cube shape or a rounded. They can be made from cloth or woven from cotton. Both styles look effortless.

Style your woven pouf on a rug near a cozy chair to optimize its simplicity.


#8 Cotton Tea Towels


Cotton tea towel for Scandinavian home decor


To add a little minimalism to your kitchen, drape a cotton tea towel off a drawer pull. Cotton tea towels with a simple, Scandinavian design are both functional and pretty.

These tea towels are lightweight and absorbent. They are also durable, so you can use them again and again.

Make sure to get them in a neutral color with a cute design. These also work great as bathroom hand towels.


#9 Woodpulp and Cotton Dishcloths


If you want an environmentally friendly dishcloth, the Superscandi Swedish dishcloths are it. They will help complete your Scandinavian design kitchen. These dishcloths are made from a combination of wood pulp and cotton.

They are great for cleaning, reusable, and can substitute for paper towels. You can get them in a variety of colors, so they work with your kitchen or bathroom style.


#10 Natural Fiber Tablecloth


Natural fiber tablecloth


A final Scandinavian must-have textile is a natural fiber tablecloth. If you need to protect your dining table but want to keep your dining room minimalistic, this is a great choice. The natural fibers will really look great against the simplicity of a wood dining table. Add a patterned rug underneath to complete the look.




The Scandinavian design style is all about simplicity. Scandinavian textiles are highly sought after. The neutral colors, repeating patterns, and coziness make them a great addition to any home. Try adding these 10 must-have Scandinavian textiles to every room in your house. These will add a beautiful yet minimalistic look.

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