3 Bedroom Floor Plan Is The PERFECT Starter Home For 2023

Nov 9, 2022

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The American Dream – The Perfect 3 Bedroom Starter Home

There’s no doubt that this 3 bedroom floor plan is the perfect starter home for anyone who is planning to live in a space for more than a year. And with 2023 just around the corner, now might be the perfect time to start shopping around! Not only will you have plenty of room to spread out, but you’ll also have plenty of room to grow into the home for several years to come.

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We visited Down East Homes at their Greenville, North Carolina location and this 3 bedroom floor plan was on of the many they had on display. This is the “American Dream” by Crestline Custom Builders based in North Carolina. If you like this floor plan or are interested in building any of Crestline’s modular home floor plans, they can be found in several southern states including: GA, NC, SC, TN, VA


3 Bedroom Floor Plan and Pricing

3 bedroom floor plan starter home

The “American Dream” by Crestline Custom Builders Features:

  • 1010 square feet of space
  • Three bedrooms
    • Master bedroom: 15ft 9in X 12ft 0in
    • Second bedroom: 13ft 4in X 10ft 0in
    • Third bedroom: 13ft 4in X 10ft 0in
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Open Concept
  • Spacious Master Bedroom
  • Split Bedroom Floor Plan
  • Approximate Starting Price: $188,000 (based on $150/sqft. Model Center did not offer pricing)
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The American Dream Modular Home Exterior

The exterior of this home really caught my attention with its dramatic red colored siding and the beautiful brown accent that sits just around the doorway. On the front of the home, you will find several windows looking into both the master bedroom and the living room.

3 bedroom floor plan starter home exterior

The front of the house has plenty of curb appeal in part due to its beautiful color and its nice classic ranch style design. 

As you move around to the back of the home you will find several more windows peering out of one of the secondary bedrooms, the kitchen, and the utility room.

Within the utility room there is also a back door leading outside. This could be to either a back porch, patio or a wraparound driveway. Maybe you have a parking spot here. Plenty of possibilities. 


Inside This 3 Bedroom Floor Plan

As you step inside this 3-bedroom floor plan, you are immediately greeted with open views of the living room and kitchen areas. There is a nice vinyl landing as soon as you step through the front door and plenty of room to put a couple decorative tables. Those would really help give an inviting feel to the home. 


The Living Room

From there you enter the living room. The living room is a wide-open space, sitting in the front half of the home. It has several large windows looking out into the front yard that also provide plenty of natural light into the space.

3 bedroom floor plan starter home living room

The living room is a nice size with lots of area for several different furniture arrangements and perfect for spending quality time with the family. 


The Kitchen and Dining Room

From the living room you can easily transition into the kitchen and dining room areas. The kitchen is quite spacious with a nice big L-shaped counter. There are plenty of cabinets, both uppers and lower, that also provide plenty of storage space for all your dishes and food.

3 bedroom floor plan starter home kitchen

On the right-hand side of the kitchen, you will find space for the refrigerator. Next to the refrigerator is the stove with a nice built-in microwave sitting just above it.

Along the back wall, sitting just below a window that peers out into the backyard, is the sink. Then finally, there is a dishwasher that sits just next to that.

Now there is not an island within the kitchen, however, if you did want to add some additional counter space you could definitely bring in a rollaway type of island. Maybe even talk to the builder about adding a more permanent one.

To the left of the kitchen is the dining room space. It is nicely tucked into the corner which really helps this more compact floor plan feel a little bit more spacious. There is plenty of room in here for a decent sized dining room table.

3 bedroom floor plan starter home dining room

However, the one that they showed within the model itself, I felt did not fit quite as well as maybe a nice round table would in this space. But that is just me. Let me know what you would do with it down in the comments. 


The Utility Room

From the dining room and kitchen areas you can walk further towards the back of the home, and you will find the utility room. Within the utility room there are washer and dryer hookups as well as a nice shelf area.

3 bedroom floor plan starter home utility room

To the right-hand side of the utility room you will find the doorway that would lead out to the back of the home.


The Secondary Bedrooms and Bathroom

To the right of the living room, you will find a small hallway that leads back to both the secondary bedrooms and the first full bathroom. The first thing that you come to is the bathroom. This bathroom features a single vanity, a toilet, and a nice size shower and tub combo.

3 bedroom floor plan starter home bathroom

I like how close it is to the living room! Guests can use it if they need to, but it is also near the secondary bedrooms, so as not to be inconvenient. 

Past the bathroom you will find the two secondary bedrooms. One sits on the front side of the home, and the other sits on the backside of the home. Both bedrooms are the same size measuring in at 13ft 4in X 10ft 0in.

3 bedroom floor plan starter home bedroom

They each have windows looking out onto their respective sides of the home with plenty of space. You could easily fit a good-sized bed as well as a couple nightstands and dressers. They also each have closets that are on the interior walls of the bedrooms. The closets are nice sizes with plenty of space to store plenty of clothes. 


The Master Bedroom

Across the house, to the left side of the entranceway, you will find the doorway into the master bedroom. The master bedroom sits on the front side of the home with a great big window that provides some additional lighting into the space.

3 bedroom floor plan starter home master bedroom

The master bedroom measures in at approximately 15ft 9in X 12ft 0in with plenty of room for a large king-size bed as well as some nightstands and a dresser or two. You might even have a small space to put a little sitting area if you were interested in that.

Just behind the doorway into the master bedroom you will find the closet. This closet is a little bit more compact for a master bedroom than we are typically used to seeing. However, still adequate to store someone’s clothes. 


The Master Bathroom

Also, within the master bedroom you will find access into the ensuite. The ensuite is quite nice, featuring a large double vanity with some nice vanity lights, a toilet, and a beautiful walk-in shower at the back of the bathroom.

3 bedroom floor plan starter home master bathroom

I like the shower quite a bit and it has a lovely tile surround that goes all the way up to the ceiling.


Final Thoughts

If you’re in the market for a starter home, this 3 bedroom floor plan is perfect! It’s affordably priced and has all the amenities you need. Plus, it comes in a variety of exterior styles to fit your personal taste. Thank you so much for taking the time to tour this home with us today, but before you go…

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