Best 4 Bedroom Triple Wide Manufactured Home

Dec 10, 2021

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Here is the best 4 Bedroom Triple Wide Manufactured Home you have ever seen! It is the “King” as shown by Pratt Homes and is by Deer Valley Homes. This model has a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom, 2340 sqft layout, with a MASSIVE Master Suite.

Okay, yes it has purple siding! That may trigger some and others may love it. I think it is definitely fun and unique. Would I be caught dead living in it? Maybe.

Enough playing around though. When you first walk into this home, you are greeted with a lovely foyer that opens up into a large, open concept living room, kitchen and dinning area. The living room is tucked in the corner to the right as you enter and your kitchen sits towards the back of the home.

4 bedroom triple wide manufactured home

Now I know there is a lot going on in this 4 bedroom triple wide Manufactured home! It has rooms flying from every which a way, so for all of our sanities sake, I will drop the floor plan to this triple wide right here.

4 bedroom triple wide floor plan

Before we go any further past the foyer and into the rest of this gorgeous manufactured home, I would like to point out what lies to the left of the foyer. Here you will find a small hallway that leads to your first full bathroom and bedroom. You will see this as bedroom #4 on the floor plan.

4 bedroom triple wide manufactured home

Travelling back out through the living room you will come to the kitchen. Trust me, it is hard to miss. It has a really stunning oversized island surrounded by beautiful cabinetry and massive amounts of counter space. To the right of the kitchen you have a dining table and a back door that leads out onto the porch. Also, on the dining table side is access to your second full bath and two more of your bedrooms.

4 bedroom triple wide manufactured home

Nestled snuggly between the living room and kitchen to the left side of this home you will find a large master suite. As you walk through the doors there is a giant walk in closet before a small hallway opens up into the main part of the master bedroom. This room has plenty of space for a king size bed and its accompanying furniture.

4 bedroom triple wide manufactured home

Venturing further in to the master suite, you come to the jewel of this home, the master bathroom. This bathroom features a double vanity separated by a makeup vanity, a large soaking tub, an incredibly large walk in shower and not that I need to mention it… a toilet.

This 4 bedroom triple wide is one of the coolest manufactured homes I have ever seen and by far the neatest one on the market. What do you think?