One Of The Best Triple Wide Mobile Homes [Huge In-Law Suite]

Feb 5, 2022

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One Of The Best Triple Wide Mobile Homes I’ve Seen


Homes Direct Albuquerque delivers yet another quality home with its RC4072A model. This triple-wide home located in sunny New Mexico hits all the right spots. With a fantastic in-law guest room and effective use of space, you couldn’t ask for a better home for a growing family.  

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We were lucky enough to come across this spectacular triple wide while touring homes down in New Mexico! We absolutely loved it! Karsten Homes builds some incredible mobile homes and if you are interested, you can find these homes in AZ, CO, NM and OR.


This Triple Wide Mobile Homes Floor Plan and Price


triple wide mobile homes floor plan

Model “RC4072A” by Karsten Homes contains:  

  • 2534 square feet of space  
  • Four bedrooms 
    • Master bedroom: 12ft 8in X 21ft 2in (268 square feet)  
    • Second bedroom: 12ft 8in X 11ft (139 square feet) 
    • Third bedroom: 12ft 8in X 11ft 8in (148 square feet) 
    • Fourth bedroom: 12ft 8in X 12ft 5in (158 square feet) 
  • Three bathrooms  
  • Kitchen; dining area 
  • Two living spaces  
  • Front and back porch  
  • Laundry room  
  • Starting price: $294,000* 
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Triple Wide Mobile Homes Exterior


A triple wide with a sense of style, the RC34072A has that classic American homestead feel. The T1-11 plywood siding gives off a rustic and authentic charm to the home. A feel complemented by the grey and white color scheme of the exterior.  


homes direct albuquerque exterior


The home comes with a beautifully constructed front and back porch. These spots are an oasis to escape from the hectic rush of family life. Both porches have a classic feel with their white deck railing and wood-paneled flooring. 

Each has enough space for a rocking chair or porch swing, and with the back porch connecting to the master bedroom, there is no better place in the home for parents to grab a moment’s peace.     

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Triple Wide Mobile Homes Interior


Living Area 


Upon entering the spacious triple-wide, you immediately enter into the home’s first living space. The sitting rooms’ tall windows bathe the room in plenty of natural light, which helps to make the bright tones of the room’s silver furniture pop.


Homes Direct Albuquerque living room


This is an excellent spot for welcoming guests or a quiet place to read when the house is less crowded.    


The Secondary Bedrooms and Bath


Located just off to the left of the front door, you will find the first of the home’s three bathrooms. Homes Direct Albuquerque really makes the most of the space and showcases its innate ability to provide functionality without creating a room that feels cramped or claustrophobic.  

The bathroom comes with a beautiful quartz countertop that doubles as a cabinet space to store any cleaning products or fresh towels. The bathroom comes with a single basin complete with a vanity mirror and light. At the end of the room is where you will find the toilet and shower, bathtub combo.  

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The room feels crisp with its bluish-grey color scheme. However, if this is not your style, it can be easily changed with a fresh pair of curtains and bedding.   


Homes Direct Albuquerque bedroom 1


The room comes furnished with two nightstands and a double bed. There is a gorgeous wooden bench and decorative shelving for a little added flair. Ideal for a tiny house plant.   

Just across the hall is the third bedroom. A slightly smaller space, the room has a rustic charm, with its wooden nightstand and chest of drawers. It would make for a great room for a young daughter, but like the previous bedroom, it is highly versatile and can be adapted to suit whomever.  


The Dining Area


Leading on from the living space, you will find yourself in the dining area. The classiest room that Homes Direct Albuquerque offers, this dining space provides a restaurant-quality experience.  


Homes Direct Albuquerque dining room


The room is bathed in a warm glow thanks to its statement light fixtures, one of which hangs over the six-seater dining table. A charcoal black chest of draws acts as a lovely accent piece. The end result is an arrangement that wouldn’t be out of place in a Michelin-star restaurant. 

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The In-law Suite


This 158 square-foot room with its double bed and floral decor make for the ideal guest room or in-law suite.  


Homes Direct Albuquerque in law suite


The room comes with an en-suite bathroom. Wonderfully furnished in the same style as the previous bathroom, this en-suite comes equipped with a basin overlooked by a vanity mirror and lighting, as well as a shower and tub combo.  

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If you are looking to make a good impression with the visiting in-laws, this is the room you want to put them in.   


Second Living Space


Overlooking the kitchen and dining area is the second living space. While the furnishings are similar, this space has an entirely different tone.  


Homes Direct Albuquerque family room


Where the first was bright and vivid, this area has a rich, warm quality. There is the same warm lighting as the dining room, which is bolstered by the robust browns of the upholstered leather couches. The buttery comfort of the space makes it a great place to share drinks with friends or as a spot for a lively after-dinner discussion.  


The Utility Room


Conventionally located by the home’s back entrance is the utility room. Here, you will find the water heater and furnace. The space comes with a washer and dryer connection, folding space, and cabinetry for housing cleaning products.  

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The Kitchen


Again showing the efficiency of Homes Direct Albuquerque, this kitchen is ergonomically designed with a tone of cabinets. All the cooking appliances are conventionally located, with the microwave being placed above the kitchen’s gas stove and oven.    


Homes Direct Albuquerque kitchen


An oversized island with its quartz countertop and beautiful pendant lighting fixtures offers style as well as function. The space acts as a great breakfast nook and is home to the kitchen’s dishwasher and double sink. Any chef would be happy to call this kitchen their workspace.  

The space naturally leads into the second dining area. Unlike the first dining area, this space is bathed in plenty of natural light for a fresher feel.  

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The Master Bedroom


Now for the room, you’ve all been waiting for, the master bedroom. The gigantic bedroom with 268 square feet has its own seating area with plenty of additional space if you feel the need to add more furniture.   


Homes Direct Albuquerque master bedroom


Moving into the bathroom, you’ll find a garden bath beautifully encased and surrounded by a quartz backsplash. As is the case with most homes, the centerpiece of the bathroom is the walk-in shower. This shower comes with a bench and is decorated with a tile surrounded and a mosaic tile accent.  


Homes Direct Albuquerque bathroom

Final Thoughts


If you’re in the market for a new home, be sure to check out triple-wide mobile homes. Not only are they spacious and comfortable, but many of them also come with an in-law suite that’s perfect for accommodating extended family.

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Let us know what you think down in the comments. Thank you for stopping by to tour this home with us! Have a fantastic day and we will see your beautiful face in the next one!