The “Graystone” – Cutest Ranch Style Home EVER (Full Tour)

Oct 4, 2022

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Gorgeous Ranch Style Home by Stratford Homes

Stratford Homes has done it again! This gorgeous ranch style home is the perfect blend of style and comfort. The expansive open floor plan is perfect for entertaining, and the large windows let in an abundance of natural light. Inside, you’ll find spacious living areas, a beautiful kitchen, and a large master suite.

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We visited Stratford Homes in Stratford, Wisconsin and this ranch style modular home was as cute as they come!

Stratford Homes, through their builder network build homes in IL, IA, (parts of MI), MN, MO, NE, SD and WI.


Wait! What Are Ranch Style Homes?

Ranch style homes are one of the most popular home styles in America. Often called “ramblers” or ” California Ranch Houses”. They were introduced in the 1930s and became extremely popular in the 1950s and 1960s.

Ranch style homes are usually one story, with a long, low profile and a simple floor plan. They often have attached garages and large windows, and they are designed to blend in with their natural surroundings.

Ranch style homes are known for their casual, comfortable atmosphere, and they are a great choice for families who want plenty of space without a lot of upkeep. If you’re looking for a relaxed, laid-back lifestyle, a ranch style home might be the perfect choice for you.


This Ranch Style Home Price and Floor Plan

ranch style home floor plan

The “Graystone” by Stratford Homes Features:

  • 1512 square feet of space
  • Three bedrooms
    • Master bedroom: 13ft 2in X 13ft 1in
    • Second bedroom: 11ft 6in X 13ft 1in
    • Third bedroom: 9ft 3in X 13ft 1in
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Open Concept
  • Vaulted Ceilings
  • Optional 2 Car Garage
  • Approximate Starting Price: $250,000
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Ranch Style Modular Home Exterior

The outside of this cute ranch style modular home is done up in a beautiful grey vinyl siding that wraps all the way around it.

On the front side of the home there are plenty of windows that are nicely trimmed out in white and a spectacular blue door sitting right at the entrance. Also, on the front of the home there is a double gable with a lighter board and batten siding that gives this home a little bit of extra character. 

ranch style home exterior

Moving around to the backside of the home, you will find even more windows that appear out from several rooms including the kitchen and the secondary bedrooms.

Just off the dining room, there is also a beautiful sliding glass door which would lead out onto your back porch.

Then as you move around to the far side of the home, there is a door leading out from the utility room. Here you could place an optional garage if you opted to do so. This would certainly amp up the front of the home give it much more curb appeal.


Ranch Style Modular Home Interior

As you step inside of this gorgeous ranch style modular home, you are immediately greeted with a stairwell leading down into your basement. It is separated or from the living room by a cute partition wall. It has a nice little space to put a couple little decorations if you wanted to.

Then to the left of the front door, you will find a coat closet. Perfect for coming in and shaking off the snow from those blistering winter months in Wisconsin. 

The Living Room

Moving into the living room, you will find a great big open space with large windows and a beautiful, vaulted ceiling. There is plenty of room here in the living room to arrange your furniture in several different ways.

ranch style home living room

You also have clear views into both the kitchen and dining room from the living room, making it the perfect place to enjoy the game and entertain. 

The Kitchen

Moving into the kitchen, you will find a great big Island sitting right in the middle. The island has a nice lip on one side for a couple stools and some drawers on the opposite side.

ranch style home kitchen

The counter space within the kitchen is broken up into several different sections. Just opposite the island you will find the stove with a built-in microwave situated just above it.

Then along the back wall looking out towards the porch, you will find your stainless sink sitting just below a nice big window. To the left of the sink area is the refrigerator which is surrounded by plenty of cabinets that could act as the pantry within this home. 

The Utility Room

Just past the refrigerator is a doorway that opens into the utility room. Here you will find the washer and dryer hookups sitting just below another window looking out into the backyard.

ranch style home utility room

There are also a couple of upper cabinets to help store your laundry essentials. At the far back of the utility room is a nice coat closet with some sliding doors and the exit out into your future garage. 

The Dining Room

Back out past the kitchen you will come to the dining room. The dining room table on this tour was angled instead of sitting straight in front of the sliding glass door out onto the back porch.

ranch style home dining room

I thought this was neat! It is a different way of thinking and just gave the whole dining room space an interesting feel.

However, there is plenty of room for a great big dining room table along with plenty of wall space to put any buffet style tables or display cabinets. 

The Secondary Bedrooms and Bathroom

In between the living room and the dining room space, you will find a hallway that leads down to the secondary bedrooms and the first full bathroom.

The bathroom sits on the right-hand side of the hallway and features a large single vanity, as well as, a toilet, and a shower and tub combo.

ranch style home bathroom

Just behind the door leading into the bathroom you will also find a great big linen closet. 

Sitting on the opposite side of the hallway from the bathroom is the first of the secondary bedrooms. This one is the larger of the two measuring in at approximately 11ft 6in X 13ft 1in.

ranch style home bedroom

It does have plenty of room for a nice big bed as well as plenty of dressers and nightstands. This one sits up on the front side of the home with a beautiful window letting in plenty of natural light. It also has a closet sitting on the backside of the room. 

The second of the two bedrooms on this side of the home sits at the end of the hallway. It faces out towards the back of the home with a large window as well as a nice sized closet.

ranch style home

This room measures in at approximately 9ft 3in X 13ft 1in, yet still has enough room for a nice bed as well as plenty of other pieces of furniture. 

The Master Bedroom

Back across the house, in between the living room and kitchen space, you will enter the master bedroom.

The master bedroom sits on the front side of the house with two large windows looking out into the front yard. Master bedroom measures in at approximately 13ft 2in X 13ft 1in. It has plenty of room for a large king size bed along with a few other pieces of furniture.

ranch style home master bedroom

Within the master bedroom you will find two doorways. The one closest to the main entrance into the room is to walk in closet. The walk-in closet is nicely done with plenty of room and has several shelves for both hanging and storing your clothes. 

The Master Bathroom

The second door leads into the en-suite. The en-suite features a large single vanity with plenty of counter space, as well as, a nice sized walk-in shower.

ranch style home master bathroom

At the back of the en-suite you will find the toilet and sitting just opposite that, a nice big linen closet. 

Final Thoughts

The “Graystone” floor plan from Stratford Homes is probably the cutest ranch style home we’ve toured. I love the unique design and think the exterior has plenty of charm. The inside of this modular home peaked my interest with a fun entryway and vaulted ceilings.

Let us know your thoughts on this beautiful ranch style home and we look forward to seeing your beautiful face in the next one!

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