BRAND SPANKING NEW Manufactured Home You’ve Never Seen Before

Dec 15, 2021

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The Manufactured home featured in this tour is model “H-36×72-43A” by Legacy Housing. This model as toured has a 4 bedroom 3 bathroom and a 2380 sqft layout. Legacy Housing has multiple manufactured home dealers throughout the south east. For specific pricing you will have to reach out to your local mobile home dealer.
I was so excited to see this manufactured homes floor plan! This was one of the largest double wide manufactured homes I have ever seen and was shocked when I saw what was inside!

Table of Contents

The Exterior

Obviously, the first thing that you notice is the massive front porch as you walk up to the entrance. I’d have to say, I don’t think I have ever seen any other mobile home with a porch quite this big. It was, to me, what really made this home stand out from the others that Legacy Homes had at their show.
On either side of the porch, the exterior siding was done up in a nice red with shake shingle siding. I didn’t go around to the back of this home to film for a couple reasons. First, it was a hike to get all the way back there, since they had a fence going all they way around the show in-between the homes (that is just for a clean look). Secondly, I had originally thought I would throw the drone up and just grab some back side footage but my old brain didn’t remember that discussion I guess.

Stepping Inside

When you first enter into this manufactured home, you are greeted by a foyer. To the left is a coat closet and your first bedroom which has its very own en-suite. To the right is your kitchen separated from the foyer by a partial wall and a couple pillars and straight ahead is the main living room.
One of the biggest things that caught me off guard, because I don’t always look at the floor plan before touring a manufactured home, was the den or theater room as it looked. I found that to be really neat, though that room could honestly be anything.
Now, I know a lot of people are extremely interested in the prices of the mobile homes that I tour. While I try to get them as often as I can, the prices for these homes will be dependent on your local dealer’s location. Legacy Homes as so many home centers across the southeast, and prices vary from one place to the other.
This new mobile home had a big Texas feel and was a layout I had not seen before. Legacy Homes has a whole heap more mobile homes that I had the opportunity to explore and look forward to sharing them with you.