The COOLEST Tiny Log Cabin Home You’ve Ever Seen!

Dec 1, 2021

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The Coolest Tiny Log Cabin Home


Tiny Homes Don’t Get Any Cooler Than this Tiny Log Cabin Home! I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when we pulled up to Lancaster Log Cabins manufacturing facility just outside of Gap, Pennsylvania. But WOW! This definitely ended up being one of my all-time favorite tours.

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Lancaster Log Cabins builds a variety of tiny log homes that are fully customizable. They have been doing this since 1990. They don’t use any fake logs when constructing these homes. These are real log homes, just tiny. Oh, did I mention their homes are turnkey? This means most of the furniture comes standard and the rest is an option to come with the tiny home! I know it’s pretty neat!

If you are interested in this model, Lancaster Log Homes can be shipped anywhere in the continental United States with the help of Zook Cabins, one of their authorized retailers.


Tiny Log Cabin Home Floor Plan + Price

tiny log cabin park model

The Sierra by Lancaster Log Cabins includes:  

  • 400 square feet  
  • 1 bedroom
    • Bedroom: 11ft 10in X 9ft  7in
    • Bunk Beds in Hall
  • 1 bathroom 
  • Loft 
  • 10ft Porch
  • Turn Key 
  • Starting price: $72,000* as of time of writing
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Tiny Log Cabin Home Exterior


Okay, so I have heard a few people say it looks a little bit like an old caboose. That may be the case but it’s a good-looking caboose! Either way, the outside of this tiny log cabin home, surprisingly is made of real logs. No fake log siding here. Lancaster Log Homes use 4×6 tongue and groove eastern white pine logs and stack them from the bottom up.


tiny log cabin park model


There are plenty of windows going all the way around the home and a green tin roof adds a little extra pop of color to the top of this home. Sitting on the front of the home is a beautiful 10ft porch! I could definitely see myself sitting on it all day up in the mountains somewhere!

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Tiny Log Cabin Park Model Interior


Living Room and Dining Room


When you first enter this home, you will notice the high vaulted ceilings. You are then greeted with the main living spaces. To the right is the “living room.” It has a nice futon that acts as both the couch and when needed, an extra bed.

To the left of the living room area is the dining room table. It is a hand-crafted log table from right there in the Amish community near Gap. It, along with most of the handcrafted furniture, is included in the price of the home.

This makes it super easy and convenient to have this home all set up within a matter of hours of it reaching your site.




Continuing through the home, you come to the kitchenette. It has a horseshoe-shaped countertop with space for seating just on the living room side. There is no shortage of storage space in here as there is a cabinet or drawer tucked into some nook or cranny.


tiny log cabin



The kitchen sink sits along the side exterior wall just below a window making sure you are never without a view. Along the back wall of the kitchen, you will find your stove and a microwave built in above it. Across the walkway is the refrigerator. It is tucked away nicely just below the stairs leading up to the basement. See I told you, the put things in every nook and cranny.

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Bedroom and Bathroom


Past the kitchen area, you will enter a small corridor or room with a set of bunk beds. The bunk beds are optional so it would be too easy to convert this space into something else. As I said earlier, these cabins can be somewhat customized. Just let Lancaster Log Cabins know what you are looking for and I am sure they will be able to accommodate you.

To the left of the bunk beds is the bathroom. There is only one bathroom in here, however, for a vacation or Airbnb home, it’s suitable. It features a shower and tub combination, single vanity with a built-in medicine cabinet mirror, and of course the toilet.


tiny log cabin


Passing through this corridor, all the way to the back of the home, you come to the one actual bedroom that this home offers. It is a lovely size measuring, in at approximately 11ft 10in X 9ft  7in. The room is adorned with rustic furniture, which again, comes with the home as part of the turnkey option. It has a bed with floating bedside tables, a dresser, and a wardrobe.

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The Loft


Finally, going up the stairs to the loft, you will find a nice large open space for hanging out or storage. I am 6 feet tall and have plenty of head room when I sit up on my knees, once I actually got up there. There is a small section at the top of the stairs that someone of my stature has to contort in a weird way to access. I guess it makes for the perfect “fort” area for kids.


tiny log cabin


There are several outlets up here as well as a cable jack. Keeping someone occupied up here would not be hard at all. Heck, call me, I’ll volunteer!


Final Thoughts On This Tiny Log Cabin Home


This park model is definitely the coolest tiny log cabin home I have seen! I personally would love to put this in the mountains and use it as a vacation getaway and rent it out to others looking for some solitude. Let us know what you think of this home down in the comments.

Hey, thank you so much for stopping by to tour this home with us! We hope you have a fantastic day and look forward to seeing your beautiful face in the next one!