Top 15 Kitchen Trends for 2023 You Can’t Miss!

Feb 8, 2023

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Top 15 Kitchen Trends for 2023

Your kitchen is the most used room in your house. As such, you may want to keep up-to-date on the top kitchen trends for 2023. This way, you can design your space to look modern and fresh.

These top 15 kitchen trends for 2023 will have you ready to liven up your kitchen with the latest and greatest.


What kitchen trends for 2023 should you be following?

The top kitchen trends for 2023 will feature bold colors. There will be a focus on natural materials, such as stone and wood. Also, the kitchen trends are leaning towards more separation of spaces.


#1 Captivate with green and blue cabinets

The first kitchen trend for 2023 sure to inspire you is to paint your cabinets green and blue. People are choosing sage and earthy greens. Or, they are going for bolder emeralds and jewel tones.

As for blues, people chose blues with undertones of green, such as turquoise or oceanic blue.

The moment you walk into the kitchen, the cabinets catch your eye.


#2 Bring back wood

Natural materials, such as wood, are the current kitchen trend for 2023. You can add wood to your kitchen in a variety of ways.

These wooden bar stools would be perfect for an island or bar and fit in with this top kitchen trend for 2023.

You could also strip down your cabinets to reveal the natural wood beneath. The idea is to do away with heavy, glossy varnishes and embrace the natural grain and color of the wood.


#3 Separate spaces

For a long time, open floor plans were a must. Now, people are embracing a “broken floor plan.” This is a top kitchen trend for 2023 where people are separating spaces.

room divider for kitchen

To do this, you can use partitions, walls, or different levels to create privacy.

Decorating with partitions gives you the freedom to rearrange spaces as needed. You can create and recreate spaces by moving around the partition.

Be inspired by this wooden partition for this top kitchen trend for 2023.


#4 Handle hardware with style

Metal is another material making a comeback. People are using statement metal pieces to add contrast.

Achieve this top kitchen trend of 2023 by replacing your old kitchen handles with these.

A bold handle will draw the eye and build interest in your trendy kitchen.


#5 Play with patterns

You no longer need to drown in seas of gray and neutrals. Bright colors and patterns are a top kitchen trend for 2023.

bright patterned kitchen

Place patterned tile or wallpaper inside your cabinets or as a backsplash. Directional patterns will make a statement while not overwhelming a space.

For inspiration on this kitchen trend for 2023, look at this patterned wallpaper.


#6 Provide unique seating

The kitchen trends for 2023 are leaning toward islands for functional dining spaces. The island is getting a makeover. Many are getting painted, wooden paneling, and marble tops.

But, moreover, you need some unique seating for your island. Check out these luscious gold swivel bar stools. Perfect for embracing this kitchen trend.

You are sure to impress with chairs that are beautiful, interesting, and comfortable. This is perfect for everyone around the island for a meal.


#7 Add metal accents

Not only is a metal back, but people have decided to embrace some of the uglier metal must-haves. For example, stove hoods are usually unsightly but necessary.

copper range hood in kitchen

Still, people started buying unique hoods to create this top kitchen trend for 2023.

This embossed copper stove hood is a way to color and texture. Consider adding a new hood to keep up with this kitchen trend for 2023.


#8 Style with sink skirts

Vintage and retro pieces sprinkled into decor have been increasing in popularity. Yet, this new kitchen trend for 2023 will bring you back to the 1950s.

People are styling their under-the-sink spaces with sink skirts again. What is fun about this trend is that you can buy many colors and patterns to suit your style.

This sage sink skirt would match well with green cabinets for this top kitchen trend for 2023.


#9 Make marble a must

Marble countertops and backsplashes are a kitchen trend for 2023. It pairs well with wood and bold colors. Marble creates drama and is easier to clean than tile.

Veined marble is a statement material that is durable and sustainable.


#10 Stow away appliances

Storing your appliances, spices, and utensils in the open can make a kitchen look crowded. The new kitchen trend for 2023 is to hide away these items in low drawers or a pantry.

kitchen storage hutch

Not everyone has access to a full-sized pantry, so people are getting creative. Classy hutches, like this one, are a great way to hide away those appliances for this kitchen trend.

If you have more space to work with, people are even adding sculleries to their homes for 2023. This area is a great place to stow away all the items you need but doesn’t use every day.


#11 Lean towards layers

If you are not quite bold enough to paint your cabinets a bright color, you can lean towards layering. This kitchen trend of 2023 features different materials and colors to create depth.

#12 Trend with tasteful textures

Mixing textures is another kitchen trend for 2023 that adds depth to the room. Wood, metal, and stone pair well together. You can put different colors of each together to create interest in your kitchen.


#13 Feature functional decor

Another top kitchen trend for 2023 is functional and sustainable decorating. People want pieces that are beautiful and useful. They also want eco-friendly appliances, cabinets, and decor pieces. These not only look beautiful but help the planet.

The great thing about sustainable decor is that it often cuts costs in the long run.


#14 Mix retro and antique pieces

Since functional decor is the new kitchen trend for 2023, retro and antique pieces work great. Upcycling an older piece is good for the environment. It also gives the appearance of a “lived-in” space.

The two designs seem opposing, but when they are together, they create warmth in your kitchen.


#15 Lavish in statement lighting

Lighting is so important to creating a trendy kitchen. If you have statement lighting features, your kitchen will stand out above the rest.

trendy kitchen light fixtures

Try out these gorgeous pendant lights for this kitchen trend for 2023. They will add brightness to your room and beauty to your kitchen.

You want lights that add warmth and softness to the space. You can also get eco-friendly bulbs that will save you money on your energy bills.



The top kitchen trends for 2023 emphasize natural materials, sustainability, and bold colors. You can liven up your kitchen with some new decor pieces such as wooden bar stools or antique hutches.

Broken floor plans are becoming popular. If you are ready to separate your open floor space, try using partitions to break up the space.

To avoid clutter, stow away unused appliances and utensils in pantries or low drawers. Add plenty of bright, statement lighting, and be sure to build your decor with layers and textures.

It’s time for a change, and these 15 top kitchen trends of 2023 are refreshing.

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