One Of The Coolest Michigan Modular Homes You Can Buy!

Jul 16, 2022

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Best Design Of All Michigan Modular Homes

One of the coolest Michigan Modular Homes you can buy is built by none other than Commodore Homes! Commodore Homes is an industry leader when it comes to top of the line modular home designs and their “Ultra 1” model showcases this the best. We recently visited Fremont Homes in Fremont, Michigan that had one of these stunning homes on display.

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From the moment I stepped inside I was totally in love! The “Ultra 1” has an amazing split bedroom design with a beautiful kitchen and a large butler’s pantry… what’s there not to love about that, right?! The “Ultra 1” is available in several other states as well. Commodore Homes builds in CO, IL, IN, KY, MO, TN, PA and VA.

Michigan Modular Homes Floor Plan and Price

Michigan modular homes floor plan

The “Ultra 1” by Commodore Homes Of Indiana includes:

  • 1749 Square Feet
  • Three Bedrooms
    • Master Bedroom:14ft 0in X 12ft 10in
    • Second Bedroom: 10ft 6in X 12ft 10in
    • Third Bedroom: 13ft 4in X 9ft 4in
  • Two Bathrooms
  • Front Porch
  • Butler’s Pantry
  • Garage
  • Ballpark Price Around $211,000

This Michigan Modular Homes Exterior

The “Ultra 1” is fairly unique in respects to most Michigan modular homes, due to it having a two car garage affixed to the front of the home. While most modular homes have the option to have a garage setup on site, this floor plan actually comes with it.

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Beyond that, the “Ultra 1” has a very inviting exterior with a large porch with a nice covering. The beautiful blue siding with white trim, which seems to be all the rage right now, also gives the home a nice soothing feel.

Michigan modular homes exterior

Three large windows here on the front as well; one looking out onto the porch from the dining room and two from the master bedroom. Around the back of the home you will find several more windows and one of my favorite features of this home, the back door.=

I know that seems odd, but I love the placement of it. The door sits right out the back of the kitchen making it super easy to carry food from the kitchen to a back porch and vis versa.

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This Michigan Modular Homes Interior

Dining Room and Kitchen

Right through the front door you are greeted with an open floor design, but not the typical modular home open floor plan. Right next to the front door separated by a small partition wall is the formal dining room space. It has plenty of room for a large table and two large windows peering out onto the front porch.

Michigan modular homes dining room

Right off the dining room is the kitchen. It has a large island separating it from the living room. On the living room side of the island there is a raised bar and enough space for several bar stools. On the kitchen side, there is plenty of counter space along with the sink, dishwasher and a number of cabinets and drawers.

Michigan modular homes kitchen

The kitchen itself is amazing! It has a gigantic “L” shape layout with tremendous amounts of cabinets and drawers. In the middle is the stove with a range hood mounted above it. No need for a built in microwave above the stove because on yet another side of the kitchen is another wall of cabinets, the refrigerator and a built in spot for the microwave.

Michigan modular homes pantry

And at this point, your probably thinking what more could possibly make this kitchen any better! Well, just off the kitchen through a little doorway, there is a butler’s pantry! It is rather large too. Honestly, bigger than some bedrooms I’ve seen in other homes! It has a built in counter with cabinets below and a wall of shelves wrapping around the room.

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Laundry Room and Garage

From the kitchen and pantry you will find a hallway that leads back to the secondary bedrooms, as well as the laundry room and garage. This is the first door you come too and while its hard for a laundry room to be overly exciting, this one does have a few useful attributes.

Obviously it has washer and dryer hookups, but it also houses a large wash basin, two large cabinets above the washer and dryer, a coat closet and a linen/storage closet.

Michigan modular homes laundry room

At the back of the laundry room is the door that leads out into a two car garage. Normally, this would be a full on garage but to save space at the model center it is just a shortened shell.

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Bedrooms and Bathroom

Past the laundry room the hall shoots off in different directions. Think about a square “U” shape. On either side of this “U” is a bedroom. They are fairly similar in size. The first is approximately 10’6″x12’10” and the second is around 13’4″x9’4″. The both have plenty of space, a window and nice step-in closets.

Michigan modular homes bedroom

In between these two bedrooms there is a doorway that leads down to the basement (if that is the foundation type you go with. If not it would just be a closet) and opposite that is a media desk. Just a neat place for the kids to sit and do homework or play games. There is also a full bathroom here with a single vanity and a shower and tub combo.

Michigan modular homes media center

Living Room

Back on the opposite side of the house, just past the dining room and kitchen is the living room. It is also a great big space with three large windows that sit on the back side of the home and plenty of room for a wide range of furniture configurations.

Michigan modular homes living room

With its central location to both the kitchen and dining room, it offers a great atmosphere for family and friends to gather and enjoy spending time together.

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Master Suite

But when the night is over you can send everyone on and take a short trip into that grand oasis that the master suite is. Just off the living room divided by a 45 degree doorway is the master bedroom. This room sits towards the front of the home, again with two windows and a heap of space. To one side of the room is the walk-in closet and on the other side is the en-suite.

Michigan modular homes master bedroom

The en-suite has a double vanity and a large built-in linen cabinet. Next to that is a massive shower with a lovely tile surround. It has two shower heads! One is removable and the other is a rainfall mounted on the ceiling. Finally, tucked ever so nicely behind a partial wall is the toilet.

Michigan modular homes master bathroom

This is definitely on the top of the list as one of the coolest Michigan modular homes that we’ve toured! Let us know what you think about this one! Thank you so much for dropping by and we will see you in the next one!