One of The Largest Champion Homes Double Wides EVER!

Mar 6, 2022

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Champion Homes Largest Double Wide


This is one of the biggest double-wides on the market. With its spacious design and two living areas, you won’t find any better manufactured homes in South Carolina than the Gibson by Champion Homes


Champion Homes “Gibson” Floor Plan and Price

manufactured homes in South Carolina floor plan

The Gibson by Champion Homes contains:

  • 2300 square feet of space 
  • Four bedrooms 
    • Master bedroom: 16ft 4in X 14ft 6in (237 square feet) 
    • Second bedroom: 11ft 10in X 11ft 11in (141 square feet)
    • Third bedroom: 10ft 8in X 12ft 13in (140 square feet)
    • Fourth bedroom: 10ft 10in X 11ft 1in (120 square feet)
  • Two bathrooms 
  • Living room 
  • Den Area
  • Back Porch
  • Utility room
  • Starting at approx: $190,000*

[Prices are reflected approximately at the time of our tour and are not a reflection of the price you would pay due to many factors]

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Living Area


When you step into the Gibson, you cannot help but feel its vibrant shine. A lovely pair of Chesterfield couches make the area a comfy cozy place for conversations or hosting guests. The luxurious feel continues with the two nightstands that add to the room’s richness.  


manufactured homes in South Carolina livingroom


You get a great view of the front of the home thanks to the massive pair of windows. On the other side of the room is a beautiful cut-out wall that offers a good view of the home’s kitchen. A bright, vibrant living space that offers the perfect welcoming, precisely what you want when stepping foot into a home. 

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Kitchen/Dining Area


From here, the living space transitions into the home’s kitchen and dining area. The soft carpet floor is replaced with pearly wood laminate flooring. The bright sheen of natural light is swapped for the warm glow of the rooms’ recessed light fixtures.

But the room isn’t completely devoid of natural light. Several transom windows are evenly spaced along the kitchen’s back wall to act as a natural light source. 


manufactured homes in South Carolina kitchen


A large island is situated in the middle of the kitchen. This is an excellent spot for a few stools to make a handy bar for serving breakfast or drinks. The island is lined with the same marble-effect counters as the rest of the kitchen. 

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The kitchen comes with plenty of cabinetry. All the kitchen cupboards and drawers are soft-close. Some even come with adjustable shelves, so you will have no issue fitting larger items. The cabinets come in a stunning off-grey that contrasts nicely against the black backsplash that lines the countertop walls. 


manufactured homes in South Carolina kitchen 2


If that wasn’t enough storage space for you, fear not. There is also a huge pantry space. Filled with wire-rack shelving, this is one pantry that any chef would have trouble filling. The room comes fully fitted with a fridge freezer, induction stovetop, oven, and microwave, conveniently located above each other. 

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If that wasn’t enough, the space also has a decent-sized dining area. All ready with four very comfy-looking Verona dining chairs, you have the choice of what kind of dining table you want. It could be a grand, hardwood table or a modern glass table. Whatever table you choose it will be an excellent match for this spectacular dining space. 


Second Bedroom


Think of this room as a blank slate. It can be anything you want it to be. If you want a calm, quiet space for the artsy bookworm of your house, paint the walls a rich, warm color and add a bookcase. If you have a baby on the way, decorate the room with a nice crib and beautiful pastel colors.

The only thing that is limiting you is your imagination. This could be the bedroom of your dreams. You just have to be willing to build it. The bedroom comes with a closet and wire-rack shelving for easy overhead storage. So no matter whose bedroom it is, there will always be a space to house their clothes or toys.


Third Bedroom


This 140-square-foot room offers plenty of space and is well-lit by a beautiful single-hung window. Like the rest of the bedrooms on offer in the Gibson, this bedroom is highly versatile. You can also customize it to suit your needs.  

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Slightly larger than the second bedroom, this spot has enough space for a double bed, with plenty of room for extra furniture. 


Utility Room


The utility room comes with all your standard amenities, including a washer and dryer hook-up. The room is also where you can find the home’s water heater, furnace, and electrical cupboard.


manufactured homes in South Carolina hallway


Just outside, you will find a handy coat cubby area. This conventionally located cubby will make the school run that much easier. 


First Bathroom


This stunning white bathroom is cast in the white glow of its all-white design. The bathroom has a long vanity mirror that overlooks the basin and its quartz countertops. The bathroom also comes fitted with a toilet and bath/shower combo.    


manufactured homes in South Carolina den


As for storage space, there are plenty of cabinets all conveniently located just underneath the basin. An excellent spot for housing any toiletries or cleaning products. 

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Fourth Bedroom


The fourth bedroom is a highly versatile space. The room is perfect for small children or an office. A single-hung window lights up the room. There is also a nice size closet with plenty of room for storage. Like the rest of the bedrooms, this bedroom comes unfurnished, so you have free reign to make the room your own.




If you thought the first living area was good, wait until you’ve checked out the den that the Gibson has to offer. The room is very uniquely designed. It has two built-ins acting as shelving. At the same time, a blue-ish grey cabinet separates the two and is the perfect place for a large television, a sound bar, and a game console to keep the kids busy.


manufactured homes in South Carolina den


Surrounded by the four children’s bedrooms, this den is the ideal sport for them to gather and watch a movie or blow off some steam after a hectic day at school. 

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Front Porch


If you live in a warmer climate, why not take full advantage and enjoy the sun setting on this gorgeous porch. The space has rustic charm with its wood panel decking and white column fencing. The porch comes with plenty of seating. More than enough to host a family BBQ.  


manufactured homes in South Carolina porch

Master Bedroom


The room feels very majestic, with its striking king-sized bed. Still, there is plenty more space to add your own personal touch to the room. Perhaps a cozy wooden rocking chair or an ornate hardwood chest of drawers to match the richness of the room’s wooden bed frame and nightstand. 


manufactured homes in South Carolina bedroom


Stepping into the master suite, the bathroom comes with a strong spa vibe, with its white decor and marble pattern countertops and surrounds. 

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A long bench could equally be used for resting or laying down some candles to add some ambiance to the room. There is a long bathtub to unwind in, or for the days when you just don’t have time for a long soak, there is the walk-in shower. The bathroom also has a double basin, a vanity mirror, and under-sink cabinets. The bedroom’s massive walk-in closet is just off to the side of the en-suite.   

The Gibson by Champion Homes is really a great model one of the best-manufactured homes in South Carolina I’ve toured! Let us know your thoughts in the comments and we hope you have a fantastic day!

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